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A Christmas message from Ginger

Now that hopefully you all recovered from a fantastic end-of-year tour and a stunning Birthday show in London, Ginger would like to share with you all this personal message:

“2011 will be a year I’ll never forget. Beginning the year by enduring a brief dance with budgetary disaster (The Frankenstein Effect, which will hopefully be put straight soon in 2012) the year continued into great disappointment as I left the Michael Monroe band under circumstances beyond my control, and then seemed to hit a wall sometime in July when I seriously considered giving up the idea of making a living from music. It appeared time in my life to get a proper job.

On asking a very successful friend of mine in NYC (name withheld in order to save blushes) to look for employment for me he insisted that whatever I choose to do be sure it is something I would happily do for free. That, he told me, is the only way to truly succeed in anything.
But what on earth would I do for free that would help feed my family?
My cynicism refused to believe that such mystic mumbo jumbo would help a family in the north of England and a musician all but convinced that he had failed.

In fact the only thing I do for free is chat to supporters of my music online in a bid to rid myself of any lingering ‘rock star’ mystique and build a solid community of music lovers.

Lovely as they are, how the bloody hell are THEY going to help?

Cutting to the present day, with the success of the record breaking Pledge campaign and the love caked December tour this seems an appropriate point for me to take back any doubt in the power of a strong and loyal fanbase.
You have changed my predicament and given me hope for the future.
You have improved my life in ways you may never fully comprehend.
It’s funny because I hear that I occasionally do a similar thing for some folk over at Formspring.
On evidence such as this I can only remain completely convinced that we are in this together. To help each other.

Have an amazing Xmas in the knowledge that you’ve all done something amazing this year. You all helped a man when he was down, really down. You turned someone’s life around.
The fact that it was someone you all share a musical fondness for, well, consider this a down payment for quality product, selfless service and a level of gratitude that I hope you are all lucky enough to feel yourselves.

As long as you are there then I’ll be here. And THAT, my good friends, is a deal.

God bless you all. I fucking love you. True story.


A Brief Update, A Small Summary, And, Finally, A Bit Of News.

So, it’s been a while since I wrote something here, eh? Dunno why, I guess I’ve been off busying myself with other pursuits or something. Either way it’s safe to say that I’ve missed you.

First things first, go buy the new Devin Townsend album, Addicted. Absolutely the best stuff he’s released since the awe inspiring City by SYL. You will absolutely not regret this purchase.

Oh, Antiproduct are leaving the sunny confines of LA to return to the rainy little winterland we call the U of K to appear as special guests at The Wildhearts’ Xmas shows. Given that The Loyalties are opening up this evening should effortlessly rank alongside any Xmas special we have ever put together.

And, while on the subject of the Xmas gigs the thorny issue of Chutzpah Jnr. The decision to make this available exclusively to people attending the Xmas shows is not a decision that has been made by me or, to my knowledge any member of the band. I’m sure this is a slight error and that the CD will be available at shows after Xmas. All I can personally say on the subject is that I hope the CD will NOT be on sale outside of the concert environment, dictating that you make some online friends and have them buy a copy for you. Who knows, actual friendships may subsequently blossom ensuring you all have international destinations for your future holidays? Having said this, we have management and a record label that make these decisions for us, so for all I know (and let’s face it I’ve been known to be wrong as frequently as any air breathing humanoid) you might soon be able to download it without any further effort or social value whatsoever. Yay.

Speaking of gigs, the birthday show sold out in a rapid and amazing blast of  excitement, at least for me. It’s a pretty proud old(ish) fart who knows that you are so keen to help me celebrate in style. So proud, in fact, that I have invited pretty much everyone to the party. Expect to see a veritable rainbow of familiar faces and musical masterchefs cluttering up the tiny stage at London’s Relentless Garage. I’d also like to take this opportunity to point out that we’d like you to familiarise yourself with this tune:

We hope to present a live version of this song at some point in the evening and your participation in the chorus would be greatly appreciated. We also hope to have a twitter address set up for live twittering during the evening. So whether you’re in the actual venue or a billion miles away on a nearby planet, or even somewhere in between, you can make your presence known.

We will NOT, it must be heavily stated, be streaming the show live or recording the event in any shape or format. Filming will also be strictly dissuaded. This is a private party after all. All I can say, in my meekest defence, is that I hope to have more than one birthday next year, failing that I suggest you get tickets even quicker next time. We may even make tickets for next years show available at some random point mid-next year, to give some of you the chance to arrange travel arrangements and organise a spot of Xmas shopping. For the rest of you dotted around the world, outside of practical range of this event, I can only offer, as some mild condolence, how the rest of us all feel at not being able to spend New Years in New York, Summer in Saigon and Easter in Egypt. Let’s face it, only God can be everywhere (and, between you and me, even She’s confirmed on the bill for the birthday bash).

I’ve been writing a lot lately. Right now I’ve been happy to write for other artists but it’s got my creative sword quite fiercely sharpened on this welcome stone of demand. Expect at least two albums next year to feature my strong involvement. A bold statement? You betcha. And if it doesn’t happen then I assure you that it won’t be through lack of trying. I’m itching to create like the monstrous creative force I intend to be next year, and I suspect this level of energy will be enough to make this happen. That and your positivity.

I am also pitching for my own radio show through which I hope to educate and entertain with a veritable barrage of unfamiliar delights chosen specifically to stroke the imagination and coddle the mind. Pray with me that it comes off and I know we can achieve this. Sharing my vast love of music is part of the vital service I hope to dedicate myself to in 2010.

There are a few other things that might or might not be happening, none of which I will jinx by announcing here at this point. Instead I’ll exercise a little more respect for the health boosting effects of good news and keep you all waiting.

Still, you know me. As soon as it’s safe to announce I’ll be laying it on y’all. As a bringer of good tidings I find much comfort.

Have a brilliant Xmas, and if I don’t speak to you beforehand keep your powder dry and your intentions brilliant.