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Hey! Hello! Japanese release and in-store shows

This week, Hey! Hello!, the brand new group featuring Ginger and Victoria Liedtke, release their debut self-titled album in Japan.

Produced as part of Ginger’s latest PledgeMusic campaign, it features artwork from the legendary Frank Kozik, and is blessed with two extra bonus tracks. It is available from all good record shops (Vinyl Junkie, Tower Records, HMV), and is selling fast!

The track listing is as follows:
Black Valentine
Feral Days
Why Can’t I Be Me Without You
Burn The Rule Book (Fuck It)
Lock For Rock (And Other Sporting Clich├ęs)
The Thrill Of It All
How I Survived The Punk Wars
I’m Gonna Kiss You Like I’m Going Away
We’re Outta Here
Wacky Women (originally recorded by Sparks)
She’s A Beauty (originally recorded by The Tubes)

The group will also be making two special in-store appearances in Tokyo next week, and will perform an acoustic set followed by signing sessions:

5th July: 9pm-10pm at Tower Records in Shibuya
6th July: 5pm-6pm at Tower Records in Yokohama

So get down there early to meet the band, and get your album signed!

Hey Hello – Out Now

Ginger & Victoria Liedtke’s Hey Hello! noise pop pledge album is available now on PledgeMusic. If you haven’t yet pledged, there’s still time: Pledge Now

The full tracklist is:
1 – Black Valentine
2 – Feral Days
3 – Why Can’t I Be Me Without You
4 – Swimwear
5 – Burn The Rule Book (Fuck It)
6 – Lock For Rock (and other sporting cliches)
7 – The Thrill Of It All
8 – How I Survived The Punk Wars
9 – I’m Gonna Kiss You Like I’m Going Away
10 – We’re Outta Here

For anyone who still needs convincing, here’s a teaser from ‘Lock For Rock (and other sporting cliches)’ and the full version of ‘How I Survived The Punk Wars’:

Hey! Hello! – How I Survived The Punk Wars

How I Survived The Punk Wars, the first video from the Ginger and Victoria Liedtke Pledge project Hey! Hello!, is now available on YouTube.

After you’ve had a listen, and no doubt loved it, you can pre-order their debut album (and get the songs before anyone else) here, where you’ll also be able to pledge for the two Mutation albums.

The video was Directed by Ash Pears and Produced by AshTV Music Video. You can see more of their work at

Hey! Hello! Teasers

Hey! Hello! is a new project featuring Ginger Wildheart and Victoria Liedtke.

To whet your appetite, and give you an idea of the direction the project is taking, two video teasers have appeared online which you can view below.

Hey! Hello! Teaser 1

Hey! Hello! Teaser 2

Ginger has confirmed this will be part of his next Pledge campaign – featured as a separate singles project – alongside the eagerly anticipated Mutation albums.

Full details (including launch day) are expected shortly.

You can keep track of Hey! Hello! here: