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Deafening And Awesome

Just a quickie to say that rehearsals are sounding fucking immense.

I honestly thought it would take us ages to get these new songs together, but within a couple of days we’ve nailed the bastards and are polishing their little extremities like well loved nubbins of the rock apocalypse, or would that be rockalypse? Actually no it wouldn’t, as it is crap.

Think we may well just go with your idea of playing the album in its entirety, then come back on and play a bunch of more well known songs as the encore.

It could be really weird to have everyone stand gawping at us, not dancing, not going nuts, but staring like an audition for some competition you already kinda won. Or maybe it won’t? Maybe it’ll be as sexy as a stripper dressed as a rabbit? Actually strippers don’t dress, or else they’d be called dressers. And then they’d have to rename the wooden things you put clothes in. Then the universe would start making odd new sounds as it spins on its plinth and we’d all be fucked.

I think you know what I’m saying, and I think you know what language I’m saying it in.

Yeah, that’s right. The language of severe volume.

Will write more when this fucking whistling in my head stops.

See you at the front.