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Hey! Hello! in-store live-stream

Hey! Hello! (Ginger & Victoria) will be performing four acoustic songs at the worlds largest record store (Tower Records) in Tokyo tomorrow night – Friday 5th July.

You can watch for free online at 9pm Japan time (1pm UK time / 8am NYC time).

Wildhearts London show live stream – pledger bonus

Ginger has announced Pledger appreciation week, which will culminate in a professional live stream of the London Wildhearts show on Saturday 22nd.

Before this, other bonuses this week will include two free Hey! Hello! songs and discount codes for Ginger’s webstore and bandcamp.

For the live streaming, Gav & Ginger have hired a amazing company called Live Fi who specialise in streaming events – and with the aid of a satellite link up (which removes reliance on Internet broadband connections) – will be streaming this weeks pro-shot concert in HD, which will be viewable on computers, tablets and smart phones.

Visit PledgeMusic for your last chance to pledge (for the digital download package) and get in on the action.

Until the next Pledge of course…

Mutation ustream Live Feed

Ginger is holed up in the studio, making an unholy racket in the recording of Mutation, with guests including Jon Poole, Denzel, Shane Embury, members of Hawkeyes and many more.

Keep an eye out for live from the studio streams, which are generally kicking off at the appropriately antisocial hour of midnight at ustream

Ginger LA gig live-stream

Ginger will be streaming the show in LA tonight at

Ginger is on at 10.15 LA time (6:15 am on Thurs UK time)

Ginger Rehearsal Live Stream

Ginger will be streaming tonight’s rehearsal live from LA at midnight UK time, 4pm (PST), 7pm (EST) and 8am Japan

The link is

Should be fun.