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So, Let’s Recap…

Jebus H Corblimey what just happened?

Only two weeks ago my family and I were sitting at Heathrow airport waiting for our flight to Sweden to meet and perform with Maria McKee, then to Finland to write with Michael Monroe.

Next I’m saying goodbye to my family at Heathrow where I’ll board a flight to LA. Luckily I can upgrade my seat to premium using my airmiles, so far so good.

After some spattered LA sleep peppered with jet lag we make our way to rehearsals where we write the first song for our new project, Mystery Number, which we will fine tune tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, however, things will begin to take on a momentum of their own based on the tangible life force of simple positive thinking. And nowhere is the power of positivity evident than within the characters of this band. Scott Lipps, the president of the biggest modelling agency in USA and one of the best loved guys in the business world, Billy Morrison, the heart and soul behind Camp Freddy, the biggest all start covers band in the world, and Michael Butler, a rock n roll historian, DJ, host and generally universally loved human being.

So the morning of the greatest day of the year begins with the mighty Mike Clink (Guns n Roses, UFO etc. etc.) coming to the studio to discuss the possibility of working with us. While were talking Michael Lee Smith, the magical voice behind Starz, turns up to rehearse. Suddenly I have to call Lemmy at home to ask if he’s coming to the show. Spinning in blissful confusion we make our way to the happiest place in LA, the home of our friend Mike, who furnished us with fine wine and conversation about the Secret , Dr Wayne Dyer and the power of positive thinking, my absolute favourite topics.

When I wake I have a funny feeling ‘the greatest day of the year’ is going to be beat. And sure enough at sound check on gig day Steve Stevens shows up to play Rebel Yell and shred his way through My baby Is A Headfuck. After a quick dinner with the Buckcherry guys, and successfully persuading Tre Cool to come to the show, we head back to the venue where I will be greeted by a flotilla of names and faces, Mickey P, Paul Cook, Casey Chaos, Duff McKagan, Donnie Vie, before climbing the stage at Viper Room to perform with a live stream, set up by the ubiquitous Billy Morrison and engineered by Beans and Butler, that will pipe the show out live to USA, UK, Japan, Brazil, Australia and Europe as well as to those gathered here in person to watch Michael Lee Smith sing Loveshit, Steve Stevens destroy Rebel Yell and own Headfuck, while we gallantly plough through an eclectic set. The greatest day of the year has officially been replaced.

In the morning I wake with the feeling that the greatest day (‘officially replaced’) may, somehow, be usurped by an outside horse named ‘the greatest day of the year, period’, only to be ushered into the truck of the lovely Chelsea Schwartz and taken to the Gibson offices where I’m face to face with Ace Frehley for a 30 minute interview. The greatest guitar player that ever lived is in great spirits and excellent humour as I ask him some very pressing questions about drugs, sexuality and his opinions on Ramones. The thrill that carries me from the interview takes me to the house of Matt Sorum, where we are recording our new song with Mike Clink (oh yes, it all went gloriously to plan), only to be told that Ace has mentioned me on twitter, saying I’m a nice guy.

This crazy trip has started with Maria McKee saying she likes my songs and bookended with Ace Frehley calling me a nice guy. Will someone wake me the fuck up?

Tomorrow I will head out to Vegas where I will perform with Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Navarro, John 5, Steve Jones and the entire Camp Freddy circus, in an attempt to override ‘the greatest day of the year, period’.

I think this is likely.

I’ll let you know how it went.

What’s that you say? I dropped a name or two?

You’re damned right I did!


Up, Up And Away

Just touched down in LAX, and after a visit to the wonderful Chelsea at the Viper Room we head off to our digs where we are confronted by some awesome Toadies fans who saw my show with them a few weeks ago.

Strangers truly are friends you haven’t met yet, especially in Korea Town, CA.

The wonderful Guillian makes our arrival as sweet as that of a waiting mother with warm bread,  and the awesome Elizabeth provides us with bedding and the best hug in LA. Chugged down a drink or two with Scott Lipps at a place so posh that the seat even asked if I’m really sitting at the right place.

Rehearsing and writing today and tomorrow, then playing Viper Room on Wednesday, with a guest list that is starting to look like the Kerrang! awards roll call. Then me, Billy, Michael and Scott (my LA compatriots) go into a studio with Mike Clink (Guns ‘n Roses’ Appetite For Destruction) to record the fruits of our labour. Still don’t have a band name for the project yet, and my ideas for a moniker are just getting worse.

Once recording is done I interview Ace Frehley for Michael’s radio show (an event I’m relatively thrilled to be involved with, to say the very least) then we’re off to Vegas where I will perform with an all star cast at a Camp Freddy show. Then we have a day off in Vegas before leaving for the UK.

“A day off in Vegas” you say? “Is that wise” you ask? And with Guillian, Chelsea, our friend Mike (with the amazing wine collection) and the assorted crazies present you’d be wise in assuming that this will end up like The Hangover movie, complete with tigers and stray babies. I will report from the frontlines and let you know just how bizarre this all gets.

But suffice it to say this will be no ordinary week.