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Blog and ‘zine reviews

Ginger recently offered interviews to any editors of music blogs and ‘zines that wanted to feature an interview with him.

A number of them jumped at the chance to ask him about the new Hey! Hello! and Mutation projects, fan-funding his myriad projects, The Wildhearts 20th anniversary shows, and much more.

Follow the links below to read what he had to say:

The Midlands Rocks
Grave Reviews
Cack Blabbath
Something Gold Something New
Little Tin Bird

Ginger TV appearance on ‘In The Mixx, Live From NYC’

Ginger has recently appeared on American TV on ‘In the Mixx: Live from NYC’ as artist of the week.

Ginger is the first feature on the show, which includes an interview and on-stage footage. And check out the closing credits for a bonus ‘Ask Ginger’ session.

Metal Hammer – This Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Ginger explains to Metal Hammer how the music industry is changing, and how he is leading the revolution.

Metal Hammer 
article - This Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Metal Hammer article - This Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Metal Hammer 
article - This Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Guitarist – Ginger 10 Things Interview – July 2012

Guitarist magazine review of 100%

The Wildhearts main man tells us about the guitars he’s loved, lost and been reunited with as we pose the 10 questions we ask everyone
Click on the image for a full sized version

1. What was your first guitar and when did you get it?
“It was handed down to me by my cousin and it was an old battered Spanish acoustic with cat-gut strings. Proper cat-gut before they turned into nylon. I didn’t know how to tune it or how to play it but I wrote my first song on it and I actually still remember the song. I fell in love with the idea of how it felt to make a sound out of something, and I guess the obsession started from there. Not just with the guitar but with writing on the guitar.”

2. What’s your first guitar playing memory?
“My first big one was getting my first electric guitar – a crappy-looking Hondo or something – and just plugging it in. For years I had been playing with it jammed against the radiator because that is how you amplified the guitar before you could afford and amplifier!

Then I got an amplifier, a piece-of-crap five-watt thing. But I remember just pluggin it in and really, truly thinking that I had the power. I had the power to annoy my parents!”

3. The building’s burning down – what one guitar from your collection do you save?
“I would probably pick up my acoustic because I would want to write a song about the fire and I wouldn’t really bother doing that on electric. It’s a Tanglewood; a big, old Johnny Cash-looking thing with mother-of-pearl binding. It’s beautiful – it has become a real good friend to me.”

4. What’s the most expensive guitar you’ve ever bought?
“A Fender Coronado. I had a grand left in the bank when I was battling with drug addiction and I looked at this grand and I thought: that is going to last me a few days or I can go and buy a really good guitar with it.

I bought the Fender Coronado and I was pretty proud of myself. I still could have sold it for drugs, but the gesture was enough to make me realise I was at least trying.”

5. What’s the most recent piece of gear you’ve acquired?
“I sold all of my guitars to go to New York and I’m now in the process of buying them all back again. The last guitar I bought was a New York taxi-coloured Dean semi-acoustic. I couldn’t find another one like it anywhere and I started to really miss this guitar.

The owner got in touch with me online and said, Do you want to buy it back for what you sold it to me for? That is probably the most welcome purchase I have had in a while, because it’s a f**king beautiful guitar and it’s covered in my blood. I don’t tend to miss guitars very much, I have broken so many of them in the past, but this one has a special place in my heart.”

6. What album that has most inspired you as a guitarist?
Rocket To Russia by The Ramones. It really inspired me as a guitar player, a writer, a musician and image-wise as well. To this day The Ramones still inspire me.”

7. Beatles or Stones?
“The Stones. The Beatles haven’t got Keith Richards in them.”

8. What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you on stage?
“We did an acoustic support slot with [Lemmy’s rockabilly band] The Head Cat recently in Berlin. There was me and a friend on stage with acoustic guitars and thousands of Motorhead fans. To say it went down badly would be doing the nightmare an extreme disservice. It was f**king horrible. It will be the last acoustic gig I’ll ever play. It just put me off playing acoustic. It just put me off playing acoustic and put me off playing in Berlin.”

9. If you could have a drink with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?
“I would love to have a drink with Keith Richards while he is around. Part of me is quite relieved that it hasn’t happened in a way, because I would hate to be disappointed. But I would love to share a whisky with Keith.”

10. Is there a myth about you or your guitar playing that you’d like to set the record straight on?
“That all I play is heavy rock. I can count the metal bands on one hand that I like. I don’t know why people always get disappointed if I do stuff that isn’t just riffs. I would love for that part of my reputation to be destroyed. I like country more than heavy music.”

Bizarre Magazine – Ginger Interview – July 2012

Bizarre magazine interview with Ginger
Click on the image to see the full size spread

Q & A with Ginger Wildheart

Last year you started a PledgeMusic campaign to raise money for a triple album, reached your target in six hours, and named the record 555% after donations quintupled. Why did you decide to do a fan-funded project?
When the Pledge thing stated, I was considering quitting music, because it just wasn’t really working. I didn’t like the idea of going cap-in-hand to a record label and saying, ‘Give me some money. Give me five grand.’ And then they say, ‘Oh well, you can’t have five grand, but you can have three grand’. And then you’re doing a budget album on favours. I just got tired of that. The whole direct-to-the-people idea really appealed to me because that’s what I’ve been trying to do, only with a bunch of middlemen. If the fans had turned around and said ‘No’, I’d have gone, ‘Fair enough, it’s just an idea, don’t kill me’. But they said ‘Yes’.

What made you want to do a triple album? You could’ve just done one!
I like a challenge. It’s probably why people decided to build churches, and then think, ‘Oh let’s put a load of fucking gargoyles on them and do stained-glass windows’.

What’s the weirdest lyric on it?
The one that’s popped into my head is: ‘I took a good long shit a little earlier today / It smelled like chocolate, I didn’t want to flush it away‘, on ‘Beautifully, Blissfully Unsettled’. I was on ecstasy in New York and I went to the toilet and had a poo, and it actually smelled like chocolate, and I didn’t want it to go. I just wanted to invite everyone in and go, ‘Check this out, everyone!’ I flushed it away. But I didn’t want to. I missed it. So I thought, ‘You know what, I’ll write about you! I’ll put you in a song one day!’ And I did.

Are there any unusual instruments on the record?
I record anything. We did record a fart, but it’s distorted to the point where it doesn’t sound like one any more. We’ve also got a great section in ‘Taste Aversion‘ where there’s a scream and a really long burp, which is a grindcore, ‘Aaaaaaahhhhh’. We couldn’t get a low-enough sound without recording something and messing with it. We did it because I’m really into this band called SpermSwamp, whose vocalist sounds like a pig. They’re fucking fantastic.

You’ve answered 25,000 fan questions about the album on Formspring! What’s your favourite?
A guy came on and said: ‘My mate’s in hospital, could you wish him all the best?’ I was like, ‘Of course, tell him to get well soon, and I hope I can meet him at a show’. And then for days afterwards, other people were sending in their well-wishes, to the point where people were going, ‘Who the fuck is this guy? Why does everyone know and I don’t?’ And I was like, ‘That’s the beauty of it. No-one knows who he is. He’s just one of us, because we’ve brought him in’ It’s amazing that a community can work medicinally.

Have you received any gifts from your community?
I get some fucking weird stuff. At one point I had a PO Box so people could send me demos of their bands. Someone sent me so many large packages that they blocked up the FedEx office, and they said ‘Well, we’ve got to come and drop them off at your house’. This truck turned up with boxes, the smallest of which would’ve fit a fucking piano in. I sent them back without looking in them, because if they’d been body parts, and I’d signed for them, I’d be doing time now! To this day, I often wonder what was in them.

What else are you up to this year?
I’m writing a horror film review book and recording two more albums. The first is fucking noisy pop, and the second is crazy, brutal metal… it’s going to be the polar-opposite to this triple album!

Ginger Rock Radio Interview

Ginger, Jase and Jon were interviewed by Tom Russell of Rock Radio in Scotland yesterday before their show at Glasgow’s Apollo 23.

As well as having a chat about current musical goings-on, the guys performed an acoustic version of Cheers.

The whole thing was videoed for posterity and you can watch it at the Rock Radio site.

Ask Ginger A Question And Win Some Guitar Strings

Total Guitar magazine is interviewing Ginger later this week and they are looking for questions from fans.

Any questions that are printed will win a set of strings. Just remember it’s a guitar magazine, so vaguely guitar related questions stand more chance of being used.

For full details, including where to send your questions, check out Total Guitar Magazine.

Ginger On Fox News’ Red Eye

Ginger and Michael Monroe appeared on Fox News’ Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld earlier this week.

You can watch the guys discussing tour plans and Rock’n’Roll lifestyles here.

So, Let’s Recap…

Jebus H Corblimey what just happened?

Only two weeks ago my family and I were sitting at Heathrow airport waiting for our flight to Sweden to meet and perform with Maria McKee, then to Finland to write with Michael Monroe.

Next I’m saying goodbye to my family at Heathrow where I’ll board a flight to LA. Luckily I can upgrade my seat to premium using my airmiles, so far so good.

After some spattered LA sleep peppered with jet lag we make our way to rehearsals where we write the first song for our new project, Mystery Number, which we will fine tune tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, however, things will begin to take on a momentum of their own based on the tangible life force of simple positive thinking. And nowhere is the power of positivity evident than within the characters of this band. Scott Lipps, the president of the biggest modelling agency in USA and one of the best loved guys in the business world, Billy Morrison, the heart and soul behind Camp Freddy, the biggest all start covers band in the world, and Michael Butler, a rock n roll historian, DJ, host and generally universally loved human being.

So the morning of the greatest day of the year begins with the mighty Mike Clink (Guns n Roses, UFO etc. etc.) coming to the studio to discuss the possibility of working with us. While were talking Michael Lee Smith, the magical voice behind Starz, turns up to rehearse. Suddenly I have to call Lemmy at home to ask if he’s coming to the show. Spinning in blissful confusion we make our way to the happiest place in LA, the home of our friend Mike, who furnished us with fine wine and conversation about the Secret , Dr Wayne Dyer and the power of positive thinking, my absolute favourite topics.

When I wake I have a funny feeling ‘the greatest day of the year’ is going to be beat. And sure enough at sound check on gig day Steve Stevens shows up to play Rebel Yell and shred his way through My baby Is A Headfuck. After a quick dinner with the Buckcherry guys, and successfully persuading Tre Cool to come to the show, we head back to the venue where I will be greeted by a flotilla of names and faces, Mickey P, Paul Cook, Casey Chaos, Duff McKagan, Donnie Vie, before climbing the stage at Viper Room to perform with a live stream, set up by the ubiquitous Billy Morrison and engineered by Beans and Butler, that will pipe the show out live to USA, UK, Japan, Brazil, Australia and Europe as well as to those gathered here in person to watch Michael Lee Smith sing Loveshit, Steve Stevens destroy Rebel Yell and own Headfuck, while we gallantly plough through an eclectic set. The greatest day of the year has officially been replaced.

In the morning I wake with the feeling that the greatest day (‘officially replaced’) may, somehow, be usurped by an outside horse named ‘the greatest day of the year, period’, only to be ushered into the truck of the lovely Chelsea Schwartz and taken to the Gibson offices where I’m face to face with Ace Frehley for a 30 minute interview. The greatest guitar player that ever lived is in great spirits and excellent humour as I ask him some very pressing questions about drugs, sexuality and his opinions on Ramones. The thrill that carries me from the interview takes me to the house of Matt Sorum, where we are recording our new song with Mike Clink (oh yes, it all went gloriously to plan), only to be told that Ace has mentioned me on twitter, saying I’m a nice guy.

This crazy trip has started with Maria McKee saying she likes my songs and bookended with Ace Frehley calling me a nice guy. Will someone wake me the fuck up?

Tomorrow I will head out to Vegas where I will perform with Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Navarro, John 5, Steve Jones and the entire Camp Freddy circus, in an attempt to override ‘the greatest day of the year, period’.

I think this is likely.

I’ll let you know how it went.

What’s that you say? I dropped a name or two?

You’re damned right I did!


Ginger on Japanese TV

Ginger will apparently be televised in Japan on the following dates and times.

Program Name: On The Planet

23rd Sep (Sat) 24:00-25:00 in Japan Time
24th Sep (Sun) 25:00-26:00 in Japan Time

And yeah I know the times look weird, but that’s the way they do ’em.