Pledge III is LIVE!

By Ean | August 20, 2013

Today sees the launch of Ginger’s third PledgeMusic campaign!

This time around, he will produce the first full album to be written and recorded by the Ginger Wildheart Band, which incorporates the musical talents of Ginger, ‘Random’ Jon Poole, Rich Jones, Chris Catalyst, Victoria Liedtke, Denzil, and new member Brian Scary!

The band are already locked away in a recording studio in Wales, beavering away to ensure that this offering will be every bit as mind-blowing as the first two PledgeMusic campaigns were.

Can the Pledge III campaign reach its target quicker than Pledge II? Only you can decide that! With your fantastic support and help, we can get this well on the way to rattling the cages of yet more record company execs!

Head over to the official Pledge III page at PledgeMusic to read and hear all about the new project and pre-order the album, as well as many other exclusives! Or make your way to the Practical Musician blog to immerse yourself in the recording process from the band’s perspective.

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