Hey! Hello! Wishes You A Black Valentine

By Kris | February 14, 2013

It’s Valentines Day, so what better way to say that we love you than giving you an appropriately titled song: Black Valentine!

Black Valentine is the opening track taken from the forthcoming album from Ginger & Victoria’s Hey! Hello! project. To download for free, visit the Hey! Hello! bandcamp page and enter ‘0’ in the buy now box.

Says Ginger: “Hey! Hello! allowed me to enter the world of lyrical fiction – much in the vein of Sparks, who are a massive influence on Victoria and I.

Black Valentine is that person in your life who doesn’t understand personal space and turns intimacy into an endurance test. It’s a new person in your life who is still on trial and not doing a great job so far. But you give them a second chance – and a third. Hell, you’re lonely… what else ya gonna do?”

You can also preorder the album on CD and Vinyl now exclusively from PledgeMusic, (and doing so will get you the digital tracks instantly!)

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