Ginger reflects on 2012, year of pledges

By Ginger | December 24, 2012

Ginger on stage at Brixton academy, copyright Trudi KnightEnd of the year. Bit of contemplation n’ all that. So, anything important happen in 2012?

It’s funny but it really doesn’t feel like a mere year since the world was an uncertain, confusing and frustrating place for a musician or a fan (and believe me I am both). And now we’ve extended the Pledge freedom account to Willie Dowling, Chris Catalyst, Todd Kerns, Obsessive Compulsive and even that bloody Random Jon Poole (with rumours of Rich Jones, CJ, Denzel and Givvi Flynn getting involved next year), the scene is getting clearer by the campaign.

Musicians more deserving of a break do not exist.

So, what the Hell happened?

Well, we did, basically. And by ‘we’ I don’t mean just me, Gav and you lot, I mean ‘we’ as in this entire community that we’ve created, the likes of which are faceless and many. This team is a body run by the heart.

We’ve decided we want change, we’ve assumed control and we’ve put our time and money where our belief is.
You don’t have to be reminded of the failure of many stars, in many high profile positions, to set the music world alight despite lavish budgets and jaw dropping promotion. Budgets and promo don’t make fans, fans make fans and passion keeps them motivated. And there’s just no simple way for the mainstream to create passion enough to leak into every frame of people’s lives, resulting in the kind of drive that makes people represent outside of being asked/forced to by advertising and TV scheduling.

This is different, this is love. This is real people really giving a shit.

We’ve won awards, we’ve gained momentum and we’ve made the world take notice, and we did it together through love of music. And the best bit is that we’ve only just begun.

Next year is going to be truly insane. Actually insane. Like the kind of stuff that only the insane would even imagine, let alone actually attempt. But see? That’s what we’ve created here. Together we’ve made a business model that suits the creative, the passionate and the insane to a tee. And the average pop star could only look at this opportunity and walk away scratching their expensively coiffured head.

In 2012 we’ve been able to say that success = passion + belief.

In 2013 we’ll add consistency to that theory. As in “just gimme a fucking chance and I’ll show you what I can do”, and once given that chance then really blowing the lid off this fucking pot.

Together we’ve created that chance 2012, now just you wait to see what insane shit we’re gonna get up to in 2013.

The future is bright because it needs to be, we’re leading the way through the darkness, the confusion, the frustration and the uncertainty. We ARE the fucking light!!

Have a wonderful Xmas and see you on the other side for some proper rule breaking.

You in?


2 responses to “Ginger reflects on 2012, year of pledges”

  1. annbish says:

    Go Go Go independent music!!! this is an amazing move forward for all the phenominal talent out there that no longer needs the corporates permission to succeed! All that is needed now is what all good underground bands/artists have in shovels full, ability, commitment, hard work and faith all of which have built them a fan base which wants them to succeed!! like a very good recipe it works!!

  2. Polly Phluid says:

    Couldn’t agree more – we were gee’d on to do do a pledge (through a different platform) following your lead and it ended up making 2012 the best year for us as a band by a country mile. Plus I have Mutation and Hey Hello on my iTunes – which are some mad genius of 2 different hues!

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