Scott Sorry bids farewell to The Wildhearts

By Kris | December 10, 2012

Scott Sorry on-stage.  Photo by Trudi Knight ( to family commitments, Scott Sorry has bowed out of The Wildhearts after a five year tenure. Scott (who joined the band in 2007) played bass on three albums – 2007’s self titled album, 2008’s covers album ‘Stop Us If You’ve Heard This One Before, Vol 1’ and 2009’s Chutzpah! Below is a statement from Scott:

“Throughout my career as a musician I have never been more proud to be a part of something as I have in The Wildhearts. I’ve had the honor to play with the most talented musicians/songwriters that I could have ever dreamed of. The only thing I love more than being a Wildheart is my family. With my oldest son being diagnosed with Autism, I need to give them the most stable environment possible. Unfortunately, that stability does not include me playing in a band across the ocean in a different country.

So with much respect and a heavy heart I am bowing out of my favorite band. I just can’t commit to the time the band would need from me anymore. I love those guys like brothers and wish them and you all the best. I’m sure I’ll see you all again as retirement doesn’t really stick well to guys like me, but for now I bid you a fond farewell. Thank you for everything.

Sincerely Scott Sorry x”

The Wildhearts would like to thank Scott for all of his efforts in the band over the past 5 years and wish him the very best in the next chapter of his life.

Former Wildheart (and long time player with Ginger), ‘Random’ Jon Poole will again be stepping back on-stage as bass player for The Wildhearts.

9 responses to “Scott Sorry bids farewell to The Wildhearts”

  1. Christoph says:

    First comment? Proof that everyone else in the world has a facebook account…

    Anyway, thanks Scott for adding to the rich Wildhearts tapestry. You brought so much to the group with your brilliant energy, kindness, songwriting, bass and killer vocals. I hold Chutzpah to be one of the most exciting WHs albums and it’s got you all over it.

    You’re due nothing but respect and love for your decision to be there for your family, and you’ll always be a part of that other family as well.

    Take care

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks for the memories Scott, you’re a legend. Best wishes to you and your family.

  3. Astilla says:

    Great respect for you, Scott, and all the very best from Argentina!!!

  4. Jon says:

    Scott, thanks for 3 awesome albums. I wish you and your family all the best.

  5. Pau says:

    Scott, Thanks for your time and energy with the Wildhearts. I have great respect for you for putting family first. Good luck to you and your family and best wishes.

  6. The_PowerII says:

    The “White” album is one of the best ever made. By Anyone!
    Good luck in the future Scott

  7. Gary says:

    Scott ,thanks for the energy and talent you brought to the Wildhearts, you will be sorely missed, let’s hope you won’t be lost to music for too long we need more like you. Best wishes to you and your family.

  8. Big Greg says:

    Good luck Scott thanks for everything Why don’t we the fans do something for Autism aware? any thoughts anyone?

  9. Ian squid says:

    The way you make magical music with wonderful wildheart waves of wonder will be missed, a bangin brilliant bewtiful bass player you are and i will miss seeing you as part of the wildhearts as you seem like a nice boy

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