Ginger’s New Pledge Launched

By Ean | August 3, 2012

On Friday 3rd August at 7pm, a year on from the triumphant launch of the 555% pledge, Ginger has unveiled the details of his second PledgeMusic album project.

Representing wildly different musical extremes, the twin Mutation albums, and Hey! Hello! album pledges offer the limited chance to own every track recorded for these projects, as well as some very special extras.

Head over to the Mutation Pledge page to view the packages and pledge, or you can watch Ginger’s message and read detailed descriptions of what’s on offer below.

So What do you get when you Pledge?

Every pledge includes digital copies of both Mutation albums as soon as they are available plus digital copies of all 3 A-side singles from Hey! Hello!.

In addition, you will have access to exclusive videos and content that we will make available throughout the campaign. You will then have the opportunity to tell us your favourite songs from each Mutation album, which will help us decide which tracks will be selected to go on the single-disc commercial release.


These 2 albums are exclusive to this PledgeMusic campaign.

Mutation Album 1

Mutation: The Frankenstein Effect was initially recorded in early 2011 and put on hiatus until now. It features Ginger alongside Rich Jones (Black ?Halos/Amen), Tom Spencer (The Yo Yo’s), Chris Catalyst (Sisters Of Mercy/Eureka Machines) & Denzel (Young Legionnaire), with guest appearances from Dom Lawson (OAF), Paul Catten (ex Medula Nocte), Pulled Apart By Horses and Hawk Eyes. The album is due to be mixed and mastered at the end of the Summer.

Mutation Album 2

The second Mutation album is currently without a name. The first phase of recording started in May 2012 and will continue over the coming months. It features Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Jon Poole (Cardiacs), Denzel (Young Legionnaire), Simon Wright (Canaya), Rob & Paul from Hawkeyes, along with guest appearances from Merzbow and Mark E Smith (The Fall).

In addition to the digital format, you will also be able to buy both Mutation albums in a very special CD or Vinyl set. Both of these albums are EXCLUSIVE to this Pledge and will be strictly made to order. They will be deleted once the campaign ends.

There is also an “Ultimate Mutation” exclusive which will include both Mutation Albums on CD and Vinyl. It will also come with a SIGNED copy of the (to be) commercially released single album with your name featured in the liner notes.

Hey! Hello!?

Is a brand new noisy pop rock project from Ginger Wildheart and Victoria Liedtke. Expect big choruses, big (noisy) guitars and big smiles.

The debut album from Hey! Hello! is available EXCLUSIVELY to this Pledge and will feature all 3 (to be) commercially released singles along with 7 additional songs.

Ginger plays guitar, bass and drums on this album whilst sharing vocal duties, all of which were recorded by Russ Russell (The Wildhearts must be Destroyed) earlier this year in the UK.

Victoria Liedtke is in the process of recording her vocals in Brooklyn, New York, ably assisted at the desk by Bryan Scary along with multi instrumentalist Giulio Carmassi.

Hey! Hello! is being produced by Russ Russell and Ginger Wildheart and is due to be mixed and mastered in November.
This special album will be available on Coloured Vinyl and CD, both of which will be deleted once the campaign comes to a close. This is the only opportunity to own this album.

There is also an “Ultimate Hey! Hello! package” which will include the vinyl, a signed copy of the CD AND your name featured in the liner notes.

Follow the links below for news and updates about the project.

Lets make history together – again!

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  1. Neil Everitt says:

    Will follow Ginger to the ends of the earth….

  2. burny says:

    Will buy. proper music,proper artist and better than CBT

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