Sun Newspaper – 100% Review

By Kris | June 29, 2012

Sun newspaper review of 100%

5 / 5. A remarkable project this, not least because of the eclectic collection of superbly crafted rock tunes within.

This is the end-product of Mr Wildheart’s record-breaking Pledge campaign, where fans paid up front for the three disc, 30 song album 555%.

His unique relationship with a die-hard fan base paid huge dividends, financially and artistically, inspiring some of the Geordie’s greatest work yet. Pledgers got to vote for their favourite tracks, which make up this single CD.

Armed with 100%, you won’t have heard the half of it but fear not – this is a perfect introduction to one of rock’s greatest songwriters.

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  1. Scottg says:

    So proud for you . Followed since full on roar tour Norwich gig , feel a right smug bastard right now ! Vive la revolution

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