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By Kris | June 28, 2012

Not content with gatecrashing the charts, Ginger is now taking over your newspapers too! The story of the shoe-string fan-funded album outselling mainstream artists including Rihanna and Coldplay is being reported in the London Evening Standard, The Independent, The Huffington Post and many others.

The Evening Standard quotes record industry and rock music expert Dante Bonutto, who works for Universal offshoot Spinefarm:

Ginger has an enormous songwriting ability and is something of a maverick.

Since the early 1990s he always been someone who has followed an independent path, and insisted on doing things his own way.

It’s impressive he’s been able to get such a high chart placing in the midweek when you consider the competition he has been going up against and the way his album was made.

“Whether the album stays there at the end of the week we’ll have to see.

However, it just shows how effective social media can be and the financing model Ginger has used in cutting out the middle man could be key for many artists like him.

4 responses to “News of the World”

  1. pete says:

    ahhhh dante now where do I know that name :)

  2. Kris says:

    Always a good man for a memorable quote :)

  3. May says:

    Just shows that if you have talent and brains you’ll succeed, Ginger had always looked after his fans, that’s why we stick by him. F’ing awesome album

  4. Matt says:

    Good work Ginger!

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