Rockstar For A Night!

By Ean | December 16, 2010

Ginger wants you to be one of his friends on this tour!

Ginger is looking for someone at each show (not including London) to get on stage and perform Vanilla Radio with the band. You’ll be playing the ‘high’ one string riff in the song. The ‘one string’ guitar will be a specially customised by Rich Jones and Tom Spencer,

At the end of the tour the band will decide which show had the best performance and that person will be given the Ginger and Friends guitar to keep!

So if you’re coming to the shows, and think you can play the one string high riff to Vanilla Radio with Ginger and Friends, get in touch.

The competition will be open until 5pm on the day before each show (so entries for Sheffield on Saturday need to be in by 5pm on Friday, etc.). At that time 5 people will be chosen at random and invited down to audition at soundcheck, with the best performer being asked to get up on stage for the show that night.

Soundcheck will usually take place at around 5pm, so make sure you can blag an early finish if you’re coming from work.

Please send your name, age, email address, phone number and which show you are attending to with the subject line “[show location] Vanilla Radio Comp”.

Or click these links for ready titled mails:

• Sheffield – Enter Competition – Entries by 5pm Friday 17th
• Manchester – Enter Competition – Entries by 5pm Saturday 18th
• Glasgow – Enter Competition – Entries by 5pm Sunday 19th
• Newcastle – Enter Competition – Entries by 5pm Monday 20th
• Wolverhampton – Enter Competition – Entries by 5pm Tuesday 21st
• Southampton – Enter Competition – Entries by 5pm Wednesday 22nd

Good Luck.

2 responses to “Rockstar For A Night!”

  1. alison welch says:

    i would like you to concider my daughter rhea mai she is 11 and a massive wildhearts fan .rhea mai is an amazing girl who shines in averse situations ,rhea mais brother has aspergers syndrome and this impacts on her greatly for things like holidays and day out to simple things like having friends to play after school.
    rhea-mai has been learning guitar for about 6months this oppitunitey would be immence for her
    please concider if you can ,other wise see you all at wolverhampton for what i am sure will be an amazing show

  2. Ean says:

    @Alison Fire off an email, and you never know. ;o)

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