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If You Find Yourself in London Town – new single and video

This week sees the release of Ginger’s brand new single and video for ‘If You Find Yourself In London Town’ – the cautionary tale of living in our capital city that was originally written as part of the G·A·S·S· sessions, and more recently appearing on his latest album Year Of The Fan Club, currently available from Amazon, iTunes and other good retailers, and features a selection of other great tracks from the G·A·S·S· sessions.

Says Ginger:

“The video and song is a letter to a younger me, trying to make a name for himself in the big city. What to avoid and what to watch out for.

I’d have loved to have had some advice back when I moved from the North East, but I didn’t know anyone who had moved to London before me. This meant learning on the move, which was invaluable in gaining survival tips for my future. It was a very different place then, and well worth the cost of training to navigate.”

The single is available to purchase from Amazon and iTunes, and you can also stream it on Spotify.

Ginger July Tour – Additional Dates

Additional dates have been announced for Ginger’s UK solo tour in July, in Leeds, Newcastle, Cambridge (a second night) and London.

Ginger will be supported at all shows by US power pop titan Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors.

Opening the show at Leeds, Newcastle & Cambridge 21st will be Danny McCormack’s new band, The Main Grains and in London by Ginger’s own Hey! Hello! Openers for the remaining shows are the UK’s very own rock behemoth Massive Wagons

Ginger is accompanied by Toshi (bass), Denzel (drums) and Conny Bloom (lead guitar & vocals).

Full dates are:

Tuesday 12th Bristol Exchange
Wednesday 13th Leicester Musician
Thursday 14th Leeds Brudenell Social Club
Friday 15th Glasgow Stereo
Saturday 16th Aberdeen Underdog
Sunday 17th Newcastle Trillians
Monday 18th Manchester Deaf Institute
Tuesday 19th Wolverhampton Slade Rooms
Wednesday 20th Cambridge Portland Arms
Thursday 21st Cambridge Portland Arms
Friday 22nd London Brooklyn Bowl

Tickets for all shows are available now from our webstore at

Ginger July Solo Tour Dates

Ginger heads out in July for a solo UK tour in July, accompanied by Toshi (bass), Denzel (drums) and Conny Bloom (lead guitar & vocals).

Tuesday 12th Bristol Exchange
Wednesday 13th Leicester Musician
Friday 15th Glasgow Stereo
Saturday 16th Aberdeen Underdog
Monday 18th Manchester Deaf Institute
Tuesday 19th Wolverhampton Slade Rooms
Wednesday 20th Cambridge Portland Arms

Tickets for all shows are available now from our webstore at

Joining Ginger on the bill will be US pop/rock sensation Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and the UK’s very own rock behemoth Massive Wagons.

Says Ginger: “I have to say that I’m huge fans of both bands, and if you aren’t already then get down early and let’s feed your head and heart with some mighty melody and gargantuan guitars. The whole event is set to be a classic rock package, the likes of which haven’t been seen on these shores since bands could all play.”

Year of the Fanclub – Out Now!

Ginger’s new album, Year Of The Fanclub compiling the top tunes from G·A·S·S· fanclub project, is out now.

Support independent music and get in now from:
Cargo Records
Google Play

Or listen online at:

If you’ve enjoyed Year of the Fanclub, G·A·S·S· is still open for new signups, with another 18 new songs, 24 demos and much, much more.

Ginger to play at Camden Rocks

Ginger will be playing a solo show at the all-day Camden Rocks festival on the 31st May. Tickets are £20 from the Camden Rocks website

“This is one big Rock n Roll street party,” explains organizer Chris McCormack. “It’s now in pretty much every venue in Camden. It’s pretty cool to be able to turn Camden into the noisiest place on earth for a day! 200 of the best new guitar bands in 20 venues!”

The line-up features a number of other bands familiar to followers of Ginger, including Exit International and Acoustic TV (Terrorvision’s Tony Wright).

Birthday Gig 2012

The Ginger birthday gig went off in riotous, confetti cannon fashion last night in London. Read on for setlists and a few photos from the show.

The Ginger Wildheart Band.  Photo by Trudi Knight (

Ginger Wildheart Band – setlist from
Just Another Song About Someone
How I Survived The Punk Wars
Girls Are Better Than Boys
Taste Aversion
Forget About It
Surrender (Cheap Trick cover, with Alex Kane)
Sonic Shake (with Alex Kane)

The Ginger Wildheart Band.  Photo by Trudi Knight (

The Wildhearts – setlist from
Nothing Ever Changes but the Shoes
TV Tan
Sick of Drugs
Red Light Green Light
Girlfriend Clothes
Dreaming in A
Someone That Won’t Let Me Go
Mazel Tov Cocktail
Caffeine Bomb
Geordie in Wonderland
Beautiful Thing You
29 x The Pain
Love U ’til I Don’t

The view from the stage.  Photo by Rich Jones

Nita Nitro
Happy Birthday (with Jake & cake)
Vanilla Radio (with Jake)
Is This the Life (Cardiacs cover with 4 guitarists: CJ, Chris Catalyst, Random (and vocals), Kavus Torabi, Dom Lawson bass, Ginger drums
White Lies (with Warner E. Hodges)
My Baby Is a Headfuck (with Jef Streatfield and Warner E. Hodges)
I Wanna Go Where the People Go

The Wildhearts post gig.  Photo by Trudi Knight (

Ginger’s smileybones birthday cake created and delivered by Lee Sinclair from Custom Cakes UK of Bristol
Smileybones Cake, Photo by Lee Sinclair

Also for those that missed it, merchandise from the show is now in the webstore

Hey Hello Incoming

Hey Hello is on its final landing approach: listen to the brand new album in full exclusively on PledgeMusic on 12/12/12 at 7pm GMT!. The listening party will be on Twitter – use the hashtag #HeyHello to join in.

Word From The Wild West

Recording at Willie Nelson’s Studio, June 2005 · Words by Ginger
Texas. How can anyone not love this place? There’s a little sticker in Willie’s studio (among the tons of pictures of Willie and his favourite people/things adorning the walls) that says “there’s a little bit of everything in Texas”. Behind the bar at Elmo’s there’s a quote from some famous female poet that goes “I found myself in Texas and now I’ll never be lost again”. Both statements are about a place that you would have to wholeheartedly agree with if you were there. I have fallen in love geographically for the first time in my life. Ever wondered why people travel the world? It’s probably because they haven’t found a home, and until one finds them, they would rather go looking than procrastinate. It is the way of spiritual evolution for the ultra-curious soul. In a worst case scenario, people with high expectations and super human output run the risk of disappointment so huge that it threatens the very fabric of their mental safety. It is also a gamble where the dividends reward the punter with a panoramic understanding of the politics of mankind, and equally important, a truer picture of oneself.

I love Texas.

From the worst of beginnings this year is finally flowering, rapidly growing and expanding right in front of my eyes, and as it transforms daily I can only stand back and admire almost as a spectator. I sure as hell can’t stem the flow of creativity that ceaselessly bursts free in the studio where Ralph and I keep a manic and insomniac vigil. The main recording work was completed a week ago, and in the process of mixing and mastering the tracks some truly strange developments have begun. New songs have been written, quickly recorded and gratefully included in the tracklisting and new people have surfaced and will hopefully become involved in this blossoming album. We had an idea of what we wanted to achieve when we began, we have reached and effortlessly surpassed it and now the album is making the rules itself and regularly handing them to us. If this sounds overly dramatic then you have presumably never had a life changing experience that has pointed you in the direction that has eluded you for many dark years. I suspect you don’t believe in magic either.

I am so fucking happy at the moment that I often have to distract myself with something mundane to stop myself from spontaneously combusting.


Remember this for the rest of your life, it is among the best advice you will ever receive. It was to me.

I not only love Texas but I also love these songs. I love the honesty of the lyrics and the timeless feel of the music. Oh man, the music! We have two instrumentals on this album. I always feared instrumentals, considering them to be somehow uncool. What an idiot!

I love the way Ralph is making this album sound too. His production is huge, clear and satisfying. From gospel tinged ballads to Vegas style musical workouts to riff-laden monsters, his is a technique that joins everything together with linear sonic logic. When you hear the album in full you’ll know what I’m trying to say. This is music that should be filed in the ‘other’ section of the store, if super-eclectic was a genuine genre of music. Written while wading through shit so deep it felt like a bad dream on Groundhog day, these songs are testament to the healing power of faith. And without faith we have nothing but the charity of other people; a nice theory but insubstantial evidence to suggest any real substance.

Faith teaches us that we do not know what we think we know; in other words, time would be a better healer than medicine, if we had the patience and experience with which to use it. What the mind insists to be true isn’t necessarily so, and should be taken away and brewed. If what we originally thought was true ultimately remains true, then it won’t have gone anywhere, we can still react accordingly. If something we thought was true actually wasn’t after all, then time just saved us from making a potentially critical error of judgement. And if all people acted with this in mind then ironically the world wouldn’t act as such a rich source of material in which to help a person evolve spiritually. It’s only because of a human beings impulsive need to react that we make mistakes, and it is only through mistakes that we learn this, and many other things that we casually label ‘experience’.

I could say that experience has lent a hand in writing every song on this album, but in the end the subject matter is less important than the outcome. And the outcome is that the album I wanted to make has turned into the album that has made me. This experience has changed my life and my attitude towards life, from negative to positive. I can’t even remember exactly why I used to think so negatively, but I remember only too well what it took to get me to this point, and none of it was what you’d call fun. Who would have thought that every negative action in my life was the direct conductor for everything positive that is happening now? There was a time where I would have argued the exact opposite.

Emotion is energy and energy can be transformed and used. How one uses this energy is subjective, and how one came into possession of it is immaterial.

Everything around you is constantly changing. It is up to you if want to have any involvement in those changes or be happily thrown around by them. Me? I’m gonna ride the times like it’s a fucking stallion.

Here, have a listen to another song from the session. It joins the lines between the instrumental tracks, the honest lyrics and the timeless music that I referred to previously. It’s called “10 Flaws Down” (‘Ten Flaws Down’ – at MySpace), and I hope it will make the final tracklisting. Right now the music is flowing and this story is far from over. Hope you like the song.

Pass me the saddle.

Ginger, June 2005