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Ginger Wildheart Band Tour 2016 – Day 5 Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, UnderDog – 16th July – Day 5

Copyright Vicky Peck 2016

The Ginger Wildheart Band in Aberdeen. Photo by Vicky Peck

Saturday night in Aberdeen, and we are abuzz with possibilities.

Will no one turn up, after such a packed Glasgow last night? Will the heat of the venue finally finish us off?

We needn’t have worried about either, as the Underdog will be packed full of partying warriors and the temperature will maintain a comfortable ambience all evening.

The daytime sees a comedy sketch of confusion as local traffic wardens threaten to issue us a parking ticket if we don’t move from the ideal spot we’ve commandeered, right next to the Brewdog restaurant and Underdog venue. The bus will serve as a dressing room tonight, as the venue has no such area. Moving will prove massively unhelpful, so we accept the ticket. Turns out they don’t have a tow-away policy in this street. £30 for the day’s parking seems more than a bargain.

Off for a spot of shopping before hitting the amazing Brewdog restaurant. Brewdog, the now world famous brand of beers and bars originated here in Aberdeen, so it’s no surprise that the Aberdeen branch is pretty special. Pleasantly uncommon music, like Bad Brains for instance, accompanies the best vegetarian meal I imagine I’ll ever eat in my life. The veggie Haggis melt sandwich is itself worth coming back to Aberdeen for. Incredible.

Copyright Vicky Peck 2016

A happy Toshi. Photo by Vicky Peck

As is the gig. Rammed full of people who have already decided that tonight will be a good night, the venue is a joyous scene of bopping punters and loud band. Very loud. Tonight it feels like every instrument is being piped through the bass drum as Denzel’s foot pounds against my head in relentless fashion. It’s an awesome gig, as good as Glasgow if not as hot.

With the absence of a dressing room, we power through the set foregoing the breather between set and encore, until the show is done and we pile back on the bus a dripping collection of happy players.
I dine on dodgy fried food and eventually rest with Taylor in my arms in our bunk. Okay, so it isn’t too PC to be watching the South Park movie, but he’s asleep before anything genuinely adult takes place.

Having your family around is a luxury I won’t be taking for granted, but it’s lovely while it lasts.


The Ginger Wildheart Band is still out on tour for the following remaining shows:

– Mon 18th July, Manchester Deaf Institute (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Massive Wagons)
– Tue 19th July, Wolverhampton Slade Rooms (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Massive Wagons)
– Wed 20th July, Cambridge Portland Arms (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Massive Wagons)
– Thu 21st July, Cambridge Portland Arms (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and The Main Grains)
– Fri 22nd July, London Brooklyn Bowl (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Hey! Hello!)

Tickets for all shows are available from