Mutation III – Dark Black

By Kris | January 6, 2017

Mutation III – Dark Black, the latest instalment of Ginger’s extreme metal project, is released on PledgeMusic via the RoundRecords pledge at 5:55pm

Dark Black, co-written with Exit International/Jaws of Death’s Scott Lee Andrews, is available in digital, CD and Vinyl formats, (all formats include the digital edition). The album features a range of musicians including Devin Townsend, Phil Campbell, Givvi Flynn and Jon Poole.

For a taste of the mayhem in store, check out first video Irritant, directed by Oly Edkins:

Says Ginger: “I really can’t wait to see what you guys make of this new Mutation album. It’s not for everyone, obviously, but I absolutely love it.

The most intense of the three albums, I’m very proud of what me and Scott Exit have achieved here, wrestling mental health issues into sonic form, while Jase Edwards and Dave Draper have done an amazing job creating the sonic landscapes here.

We’ll be taking Mutation on the road in 2017, so for those of you with a taste for the extreme please keep your eyes open for tour dates.”

Says Scott: “Dark Black” is not the kind of record to have a standout single or a track that represents the whole album but being human and full of contradictions it’s safe to say ‘Irritant’ is a good place to start. Even though we intended to make music that was an ordeal to sit through, Ginger and myself are hardwired for hooks…..This is a good example of that. And that chorus? Even the most optimistic person you know would find a time to belt that mantra internally. Two men’s misery is now everybody’s noise-punk singalong”

4 responses to “Mutation III – Dark Black”

  1. Petey says:

    Wound up here because I read a quote someone had as their tag line and attributed it to Ginger; “Music will get you through times of no love better than love will get you through times of no music.” I couldn’t agree more, music is my church, my religion, my goddess. So I thought I would check out the person who dropped that wise line on the world. I really dig the first release from your new album, Irritant, it’s fucken awesome and I totally needed that mantra! Looking forward to checking out more. I live in NY, do you ever tour over here or have connects over here? Email me if you like, I do have some connects and though I’d be absolutely loathe to speak with them, they have a ton of connects and one of the cats has a production company. Just putting it out there for selfish reasons, I’d love to see you live! If you’re interested I’ll just pass the names along and you can decide if working with them would work for you, probably best to just leave me out of it.

  2. Barry Read says:

    Any chnace of a lyric sheet being published please?

  3. santo says:

    any chance of it being on iTunes?

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