Ginger Wildheart Band Tour 2016 – Day 8 Wolverhampton

By Ginger | July 22, 2016

WOLVERHAMPTON, Slade Rooms – 19th July – Day 8

Copyright Kris Coverdale 2016

This tour diary entry, being written by Ginger. Photo by Kris Coverdale

Another marathon sleep that kills most of the daylight hours. I hate missing out on a day, but with a run of dates this intense (and not a day off in sight), rest is more important than tourism. Plus, it’s so insanely hot that shopping seems a bit of a chore.

So it’s straight into the Slade rooms backstage area, a familiar sight, what with the annual Halloween Hootenanny being held at this very venue, only today the dressing room seems a very sedate affair in comparison.

Tattooist, Brendan O’Mahoney, sets up shop backstage, for today’s inking sessions. Ryan’s crew angel, Pam, is first under the needle, being as she was stuck with load-in when Ryan and I were tattooed in Newcastle. She goes for a Stormtrooper’s helmet on the forearm, while I opt for the Cheap Trick logo on my calf.

I’m still having ink drilled into my leg as the crew frantically inform me that we are due onstage…then five minutes late…then ten minutes late. Finally Brendan is finished and I gun myself into my stage gear and run straight onstage.

Copyright Toshi 2016

The latest addition to GInger’s tattoo collection. Photo by Toshi

With such a manic start to the show, it is with typical irony that everything seems not to be working. The monitors are off, my amp is half the volume of sound check and Conny’s guitar strap suddenly refuses to cling onto his guitar. No-one is quite sure why the gear has chosen the first song in which to rebel, but by the third song we’ve righted all technical wrongs, got shot of a photographer scuttling around below us and managed to get some house lights switched so we can actually see the audience.

Guess I’ve got so used to really intimate shows that the fairly modest Slade Rooms seems like an arena. But by half-time, normal service has been fully restored and the band slam through the gears until the now traditional heat sends the room spinning in a threat to gravity. With balance maintained the band fight the dizziness and finish in devastating form.
Even Vix Fuzzbox sings a few songs with us, rounding off a very satisfying set.

Showers and cold drinks are a godsend after the show, as Denzel readies himself for his tattoo.
Sadly the Gods of time are against the decision, and Slade Rooms informs us that we will be charged for staying after midnight. Denzel’s tattoo will have to wait for another day.

Copyright Toshi 2016

Denzil’s almost-tattoo. Photo by Toshi

The bus leaves at 3am, so we hang out in the cool street with Ryan and the Traitors, drinking beer and eating pizza.

A classic end to a hectic day. I can’t believe the end of the tour is only three shows away.


The Ginger Wildheart Band has just one final show to go on this tour, and that is at the Brooklyn Bowl in London on Friday. Tickets are still available at

– Fri 22nd July, London Brooklyn Bowl (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Hey! Hello!)

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  1. Chris says:

    Yet another cracking night in your company Mr Ginger .both support bands we’re superb. of to ramblin man to see you this weekend great to see massive waggons have been added to the mix

  2. Johnny Kelly says:

    Great show, hot, sweaty and loud.
    Probably the hottest gig I’ve been to since the wildhearts at Birmingham O2 on the chutzpah tou. What is it with Ginger and boiling hot venues ?

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