Ginger Wildheart Band Tour 2016 – Day 7 Manchester

By Ginger | July 20, 2016

MANCHESTER, The Deaf Institute – 18th July – Day 7

Copyright Jack Kirwin -JK Photography- 2016

Manchester Deaf Institute. Photo by Jack Kirwin

While maybe not the hottest gig of the tour (that accolade is unlikely to be beaten by Glasgow), the amazing Manchester Deaf Institute wins hottest dressing room, by an intergalactic mile. Air is more precious than money is the dizzying heat of the backstage area, and people swelter in pure carbon dioxide stickiness.

The venue itself, however, is as cool as Fonzie’s fridge magnet collection, with an amazing array of speakers staring handsomely out from behind the bar and giant air conditioner fans bringing the heat of the main room down to a comfortable level. Apparently these massive air blowers will be turned off for the show, presumably to encourage the punters to buy drinks. Not that my supporters have any problem being parted with their drinking cash. Still, the staff seem intent on grabbing every penny tonight, as they cheerlessly charge me £2:50 for water during soundcheck.

The ice cold beverage is more than happily paid for, and I wish I had such easy access to the bar during the show, which is a scorcher and a half. And a heaving great stonker of a party to boot.

Copyright Jack Kirwin -JK Photography- 2016

A (very) warm reception. Photo by Jack Kirwin

I get up to sing harmonies with Ryan, on REO Speedwagon’s ‘Take It On The Run’, dripping like a leaky tap throughout. Jesus, if this is how hot I’m getting during one song with another band, how dangerous is it gonna get for the 90 minutes of our set?

The heat is a challenge to everyone’s health, but nothing compared to the leaping crowd, which threatens to cause a stage collapse on a few occasions during the set. Yet the heat poses little concern to the cheering mass as the sold out Manchester crowd stay agile for all three bands, and still yell for more when our set is done.

Such an amazing crowd… such an amazing show…such a close shave with actually passing out during the show. Conny and Denzel have similar reactions.
Toshi, on the other hand, is way too cool for such nonsense and goes back to wearing his bike jacket on leaving the stage.

Saying goodbye to Taylor sucks though. He’s been such great company for the last few days of this tour. I’ve no doubt that the touring bug has already started to nibble at his toes, and he’s building plans for the future. Me and his Mum are visibly more saddened by his goodbyes.

Copyright Jack Kirwin -JK Photography- 2016

Conny in action. Photo by Jack Kirwin

Still, it’s an amazing evening, with all three bands on absolute top form. Reinforcing just how much fun this tour has been so far, and how much we’re all gonna miss it once it’s done.

But for now the bands rock on and the good times roll.


The Ginger Wildheart Band is still out on tour for the following remaining shows:

– Wed 20th July, Cambridge Portland Arms – SOLD OUT! (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Massive Wagons)
– Thu 21st July, Cambridge Portland Arms (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and The Main Grains)
– Fri 22nd July, London Brooklyn Bowl (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Hey! Hello!)

Tickets for all shows are available from

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  1. An amazing show, I thought for a second the crowd was going to go through the floor.
    You can find pictures shot on the night on my website and on Facebook.

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