Ginger Wildheart Band Tour 2016 – Day 4 Glasgow

By Ginger | July 17, 2016

GLASGOW, Stereo – 15th July – Day 4

Copyright Vicky Peck 2016

The Ginger Wildheart Band in Glasgow. Photo by Vicky Peck

Woke up to urgency. We we’re parked in a tiny street and had to reverse into an even tinier street. Luckily our driver, Tim, is a magician who can not only reverse up steep hills but can evidently make our bus smaller to fit into minuscule cobbled streets, built way before the advent of sleeper buses with trailers.

Anyway, the urgency surrounds Glaswegian traffic laws controlling the area that forbid large green tour buses to park until after 6pm. We quickly load the gear in from the trailer. It’s pissing with rain and the Stereo is down a few small, slippy flights of stairs. Remarkably no one is hurt.
We won’t see the bus for a while, which is just as well as the roof has sprung a leak from which the Scottish rain freely drips into the upstairs lounge.

Meanwhile in the very small Stereo venue, which reminds me of the tiny venues in Japan, we set up for the day, drinking very strong cider until the bands slowly and soggily arrive for sound check. Dunno if it’s the effects of the cider, but the venue looks packed with just the personnel of all three bands alone.

Authentic Scottish snacks

The heat escalates until I grab a few people and go out into the refreshing rainfall looking for the only off license nearby, which we quickly find and I grab a bottle of Laphroaig, which I haven’t seen since the tour began. Man cannot live on cider alone, as nice a breakfast drink as it might be.

A pleasant pre gig build up is assured by watching Taylor napping on the bus couch, now drying nicely since the downpour became a heavy drizzle. Then it’s time to head back into the sauna for the hottest show I’ve played in many, many years.

The audience are drenched in sweat, but their spirits cannot be dampened as they greet us with the loudest cheer of the tour so far. What is it about a Glasgow crowd that separates them from even the loudest audiences in the world? Perhaps the sheer determination, despite the pouring rain, to have a purely memorable night is to blame? Still, they seem undeterred by the weather outside, or the extreme heat inside, and go, quite frankly, fucking mental.

If I’ve ever been more exhausted during a gig then I can’t remember it. By the fourth song there is only carbon dioxide to breathe, and the room spins and blurs like a drunken fist fight. At points in the latter half of the set I feel pretty sure I’m going to tumble to the floor, tongue fizzing and lips numbed by heat exhaustion. But we give our everything, and eventually reach the final song, which ends with a massive cheer, all arms in the air in applause.

An exhausted Denzel

Glasgow, this was the hottest, most draining show I think I’ve ever played – and the love in the room kept everyone going right until the end. The power of music is a mysterious force that eludes the keenest of inquisitive minds. We got each other through this show, through the pulverising heat, like we get each other through life.

And we all looked skinnier the next day.


The Ginger Wildheart Band is still out on tour for the following remaining shows:

– Mon 18th July, Manchester Deaf Institute (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Massive Wagons)
– Tue 19th July, Wolverhampton Slade Rooms (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Massive Wagons)
– Wed 20th July, Cambridge Portland Arms (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Massive Wagons)
– Thu 21st July, Cambridge Portland Arms (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and The Main Grains)
– Fri 22nd July, London Brooklyn Bowl (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Hey! Hello!)

Tickets for all shows are available from

3 responses to “Ginger Wildheart Band Tour 2016 – Day 4 Glasgow”

  1. Kenny says:

    Left work with alacrity and met Garry in our local as per, my father having been entrusted with the provision of my carry out and our lift to the train station.

    By 16:15 we’re en route to Glasgow whereupon I discover that Garry has had the foresight to bring a quality bottle of Shiraz. What could possibly go wrong? We arrive in Central and after locating Stereo it’s The Horseshoe for a couple of pints, then back to the venue which is filling nicely with similarly lubricated pilgrims.

    More beer, (you get the jist), then downstairs into a barely lit cellar that was to be our sweltering chamber of delights for the next 3 hours.

    Firstly, we’re treated to Massive Wagons, who were decent, their singer giving his all and reminding me a bit of Neil Fallon, (?) from Clutch.

    Ryan Hamilton next with a splendid tank green Gretch and a memorable musicality. Mentalness was in the air but our powder was being kept as dry as was possible in the intensifying sweaty fug.

    Then Ginger and crew; ‘help ma boab’ indeed. The problem with being pished then leaping about like you did when you were half your age and could drink twice as much for twice as long is that it blurs the memory the next day and beyond. Suffice to say details are patchy, however I do know that a splendid time was had by all and that I would do it all again in a heartbeat without changing anything.

    Not surprisingly we missed the planned train home and obviously went for more beer, then two suppers and the 23:45 ex Queen Street to the Fair City, (which is arguably neither).

    If you have this to look forward to then I envy you enormously.

    Don’t act the tit.

    Fill your boots.

  2. […] on how much weight us fat bastards lost that night, but Ginger Wildheart did comment, in his tour blog, that everyone all looked skinnier the next day. A night to remember, for so many reasons. The tour […]

  3. Mosh says:

    Never realised there was a tour diary on here! That’s the rest of my night sorted, playing catch up :)

    Just to say that I’ve got a photo almost identical to Vicky’s from when I reviewed that show. I can remember having to squidge around for her and another photographer as the crowd was rather packed that night!

    I’ll be cheeky and pop a couple of links in for the 17 people who’ve not read them – our review of the Glasgow Wildhearts gig and the 2-part interview around it :)


    Interview Part 1:

    Interview Part 2:

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