Ginger Wildheart Band Tour 2016 – Day 2 Leicester & Day 3 Leeds

By Ginger | July 15, 2016

LEICESTER, Musician – 13th July – Day 2
LEEDS, Brudenell Social Club – 14th July – Day 3

Copyright Lynsey Markinson 2016

Ginger & Danny backstage in Leeds
Photo by Lynsey Markinson

With first day gremlins out of the way, the second show, in Leicester, went ahead without even the slightest a hint of a hitch. Guitars maintained their tuning, ear-pieces stayed firmly in place and the audience, once again, proved to be the most warm and well voiced bunch that a chap could ever hope for. The Musician is rammed and I finally get to see Massive Wagons and Ryan Hamilton doing their thing, and receiving a heroes welcome in the bargain. It’s warming stuff indeed.

The Musician is an amazing venue, once again sporting numerous paintings with musical luminaries sharing wall space. Lemmy is hanging out with Richard Thompson in one area, while John Peel and David Bowie enjoy a spot elsewhere. After the brisk removal from yesterday’s venue, we opt for a swift exit once the show is done, vacating through the cheering crowd and into the comfort of the bus.
I’m drained and fairly winded after a 90 minute set in similar conditions to a pizza oven, and decide to lay in my bunk until the bus fills with people. I won’t wake up until 3pm the next day. Holy shit. Guess I needed the sleep, huh?

Ryan and his band are sharing the bus from this point in. I didn’t even see them to greet the first night of their stay, so it’s a welcome relief to have them sharing the dressing room the next day in Leeds.

And what a show this turned out to be. Complete with backstage tattooing by the lovely Chris Jenko, who tattooed my Dolly Parton tattoo a while ago. It is fitting that his next work should be directly below Dolly’s signature, and depicts a scene of Newcastle Bridge and the Tyne below, in Chris’s distinct artistic style. It’s only fitting that I tattoo him in return, whereupon I give him the quickest tattoo he’s ever seen or had done. He is visibly relieved.

Copyright Chris Jenko 2016

Ginger’s new tattoo

Copyright Chris Jenko 2016

Chris’s new tattoo!

The Main Grains are opening the bill tonight, and it’s a joy to hang out with Danny again, having briefly made our peace at Camden Rocks earlier in the year.

My little boy, Taylor, is here too, and will be staying on the bus for the next few days. What a circus for an 8 year old boy to hitch a ride with. I’m getting a contact buzz just living vicariously through him, as he helps all three bands sell swag at the merchandesk (a word I made up onstage in Leicester, completely by accident). He also makes a small mint by employing a swear-jar scheme around The Main Grains, who – credit to them – pay him a pound for ever swear word he hears them say. He’d have made less money charging the bands a pound for every note they play.

Getting to watch the bands from backstage in the legendary Brudenell (Chris Catalyst’s favourite venue in the world, and with good reason) is a pleasure. The Main Grains play to a rapturous reception by the packed out venue, while Ryan Hamilton enjoys mass sing-a-longs from the crowd.

It’s my first time ever playing this amazing venue, and I hope to come back many times to come. A great onstage sound, and a very animated crowd see us playing a very comfortable set. We seem to have found our swagger three shows in, and are playing like a band who have been playing for decades, not just three shows!


The Ginger Wildheart Band is still out on tour for the following remaining shows:

– Mon 18th July, Manchester Deaf Institute (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Massive Wagons)
– Tue 19th July, Wolverhampton Slade Rooms (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Massive Wagons)
– Wed 20th July, Cambridge Portland Arms (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Massive Wagons)
– Thu 21st July, Cambridge Portland Arms (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and The Main Grains)
– Fri 22nd July, London Brooklyn Bowl (support from Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Hey! Hello!)

Tickets for all shows are available from

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  1. Rich says:

    Glad you like Brudenell. My fave venue in the world also and throughly enjoyed you being in it.

  2. Doc says:

    Thought the crowd was a bit static by the usual standards but everyone was in good voice and it was great to see you finally play the Brud at last. Should be a stop-off on every tour, I reckon. Come back soon!

  3. dean tibbles says:

    So goooood to see you and danny side by side again! :)

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