And Then There Was One.

Ginger | 28th October 2013

Ahoy there,

Ginger, captain of the ship, here…on what looks like a pretty empty vessel of late.

Don’t worry, it’ll probably fill up any day soon. And if it doesn’t then hopefully I’ll do for suitable company. I’m a good talker and I make a mean pot of coffee. Which is handy as it seems to be all I’m drinking these days, since doing the sober thing for NSPCC – which, incidentally, is going amazingly well, thanks to you lot. We’ve made over two and a half grand already, and we still have a month and a half to go. Once again your awesomeness shines for all to see.

So, what’s it like being sober, a great viking berserker of a drinking animal like myself?

Well, the first week is pretty fidgety, with nothing in the whole world able to combat the withdrawal symptoms of detoxing almost a years worth of constant partying out of one’s system.

If you’re interested in getting sober for any length of time (I suggest 90 days which, if you want to lose weight and get fit is the absolute ONLY way to go) then I would suggest not changing your diet for the first week (btw…if you’re not interested in getting sober then stop reading here and I will see you in 5 paragraphs time).

Craving those comforting sugars and carbs that alcohol gives you in buckets, will turn you so snappy and mean that you might just start drinking again to keep the peace. Take it easy and relax. Spend some time looking on eBay or Amazon for some cheap DVD boxsets and order a couple of things you’ve been curious to see, they’ll come in handy later.

After that initial week you head into the long haul where the diet should kick in and thoughts turn to your imminent fitness schedule. You have all of week 2 to shrink that stomach down a little with a strict lesser food intake, surrendering to the awful hungers that come when beginning  any diet. Don’t worry they don’t last very long.

Week 3 you’ll be into your training regime so you’ll want to start regulating your carbs (to a minimum) and eating hi protein snacks every 3 hours. By this time you’ll start struggling to fit in every meal (apart from breakfast, where you’ll convince yourself you will be hungry for the rest of time) but you must keep it up – eating small and often. You will want to start your day off with cardio. An outdoor run in the morning is ideal (after a small bowl of oats – mixed with water, and perhaps some ground cinnamon, a few pomegranate seeds and some chai seed or linseed – I have both, fuck it) although outdoor running is obviously impractical if you live in this spongey slice of atmospheric misery we call Britain. Join a gym if you can afford it. You won’t regret it, if only to have somewhere warm to run every day. Did I say every day? Okay 5 days a week. Oh, alright, 3, if you’re really struggling, but only then and no less than three. C’mon, that flab ain’t gonna shift itself.

By week 4 you’ll be comfortable with your schedule and starting to feel results. Do yourself a favour and don’t stare in mirrors at the seemingly hopeless task ahead of you, this is a trick that your brain will play in its demand for sugar and couch life. I wouldn’t start expecting to see ANY results for at least a month of relatively heavy duty training, meaning Monday to Friday, with weekends off for good behaviour.

By week 5 you’ll start getting bored and that’s when you’re going to find those DVD box sets essential company. You need to switch off your mind in order to focus on what needs to be done, namely staying positive, keeping sober and maintaining what is now becoming a quite boring fitness routine.

And this is where I currently find myself. Do I feel better? Of course I do, and I’m actually seeing real results. The belly has almost gone and the chest and upper arms are back. I like the way I’m starting to look, and it’s fun to feel your body working properly again.It really doesn’t take long, and it’s important to remember that however difficult it is to keep up a regular fitness routine it is just as difficult for anyone else. No one gets results the easy way.

Trouble is, for me anyway,  I get easily bored and so I accept the challenge while busying myself with various distractions, like Pinterest and writing songs for the next album. I’m being very selective about what I keep and what I jettison in this new collection of tunes, which is a tough call for someone who likes to believes that anything I write could be someones favourite piece of music of mine. I guess the next album I make I will be making for me, and will feature only sections that I personally like. If you can imagine the polar opposite of Error 500 then you’ll be part the way there. This album will NOT rock, it will be a very laid back, melodic affair.

My next album, to begin recording around March/April, will not only be a very personal album for me but the last Ginger Wildhearts album I will make. Ever? That I obviously can’t say, but I will say that I won’t be recording any more solo albums for a very long time. Next year will be my last blast of solo representation, and after that I’ll go back into Wildhearts mode for a while. The break has been amazing, life changing and has reinforced what I’ve always thought of you, namely that you are the best crowd I could have ever dreamed of having on my side. To know you’ll be there whenever The Wildhearts Bat-sign goes up into the sky is one very comforting aspect of our relationship, but to know you’re there for me is something else altogether. The solo period has been the most rewarding point of my entire career, and I don’t think I’ll ever recover!

Anyway, enough of the funeral flavoured banter, the end of my solo stint is far from sight. I’ve been listening to mixes of the Albion tracks and I’m genuinely blown away by them. Kevin has taken the tracks and moulded them into a genuinely thrilling adventure ride. The wonderful Sammy Andrews (that name should ring a few bells, and yes, we are very good friends again) has been helping organise the new front cover and the equally wonderful Caroline Fish has been elbows deep in the designing of the thing. It’s going to be a lovely front image that suits the music, the theme and the general vibe better than the previous artwork did. Still, that previous artwork will feature on the deluxe version of the CD/DVD (that’s ANY version of the actual CD/DVD that you buy on the new Pledge) and oh boy, is this fucker gonna be rare!!!

The birthday show is almost Sold Out, which is always a delight and a surprise. There are TONS of guests insisting they’ll be there on the night. It’ll be fun to see who actually makes it, and who ends up there that we aren’t expecting at all, which is 100% guaranteed to happen.

I just watched Love/Hate, a highly recommended gangster drama set in Ireland. Buy series 1-3 box set if you like gritty drama with awesome accents, guns, violence and brilliant acting, you won’t regret it.

I’m writing a song today that I just thought of a chorus for. Had the thing hanging around for a week now, unfinished, and now I have the missing part. I love it when that happens.

Everything is going exactly how it should.

Tally ho, me hearties.




9 responses to “And Then There Was One.”

  1. Keith Marchant says:

    The biggest reason for me losing weight is finding an exercise/ sport i enjoy . gyms aint for me ive discovered i like running chasing tackling even if im slow fat and have the turning circle of a london bus, it doesnt matter im enjoying it the weights coming off and im finding myself wanting to eat more healthily without having to consciously think about it .

  2. ani says:

    Gotta a question, to who ever might answer.
    I havent been drinking for a while, didnt have a major issue with it, but just stopped. Don’t like the dizziness, don’t like feeling ill.
    Things that seem a good idea while you are high are quite dull once you have all your senses up and running. So, the problem is, how to deal with all the people drinking/partying around while you are plain sober?
    btw, Albion is not even done and we acan already expect a new one next year, love that. Thanks

  3. Martin Haslam says:

    You’ve had one hell of a year. Wherever you go, musically or otherwise, we’ll be there. Ani; I’ve been sober for 12 yrs. Your real friends will be o.k when you’re the sober one. Only idiots make an issue of it. Dancing sober is a real challenge! Very liberating.

  4. Paul horsburgh says:

    I enjoy a drink or ten but really wish I could stop I’m 37 with no chance of seeing 47 anyone got any motivation

  5. Big Jamie Marsden says:

    This all makes me very happy Ginger! A Wildhearts pledge album would be a beautiful thing. Also absolutely can’t wait to hear Albion and especially the ‘acoustic’ album which in my mind I’m starting to hope will be your equivalent of Ryan Adams ‘Heartbreaker’ i.e. stripped down, brutally honest, melodic genius!

  6. Arch says:

    “oats – mixed with water, and perhaps some ground cinnamon, a few pomegranate seeds and some chai seed or linseed”
    Fucking hell – I had to check back up to the top of the page as I thought I had logged on to The Riverside Cottage recipe website!

    An acoustic album will be tremendous

  7. Sean says:

    Paul, you want some motivation to stop drinking? I’m pretty much like yourself (5 years older though) and a friend of mine who drank similar amounts to me died last Sunday of liver failure. If you can’t quit, or at least cut right back for a good cause as Ginger has, try quitting for the best cause; yourself and those that love you. Best of luck.

    Oh, and an even better cause, you do want to be around for Ginger’s acoustic album, n’est-ce pas?

  8. MoodSwinger says:

    @Paul, there’s only 1 maybe 2 things that should be convincing enough for you to stop.
    1) Kids. If you have them, you owe it to them to be there for them, Period.
    2) Yourself. If you can’t convince yourself you are worth it, no one else is going to be able to. And you are.

  9. Mark1407 says:

    There is a really cool App, I’m sure plenty of you know about, but for those who don’t it’s called my fitness pal. You can keep a really close eye on what you are eating and drinking over the week. Also any exercise is taken into account. Me, the wife and 2 pals are doing really well on it.
    Ginger, can’t wait for both of the up and coming albums. Do you think the next Wildhearts album will be on pledge?

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