Still Standing

Ginger | 21st September 2013

As long as Gav keeps making video updates for you all to enjoy then I’m gonna keep using this page as some sort of diary, and keep you abreast of the my ongoing goings on. And there are many, trust me.

New York is flooded with beautiful people, a kind of Fashion Week hangover or something, and thus the streets are a glammed up smorgasbord of visual delights. None more so that at the premier of Rush (the James Hunt vs Niki Lauda thrust-a-thon) that I attended with Courtney the other day. The quite freakishly handsome Chris Hemsworth was in attendance, and the private screening room transformed into a seemingly exclusive hang for grey haired film industry blokes and their young, model dates. If I’ve ever been in a room with more stunning females then I was obviously on way more drugs than I was this evening. Models are very pretty. Usually until they smile.

We’ve (‘we’ being me and Micko Larkin, Courtney’s other guitarist, and the only other Brit in the operation) been frantically writing something that brings all our styles together in a way that doesn’t seem predatory on former glories yet still fresh and immediate, and we’re pretty happy with the two songs we’ve come up with. “Over The Wall” and “In You Honour”. Yesterday and today have been/will be a frantic scramble to the finish line in order to get these songs professionally demo’ed up and mixed for Courtney’s management to hear. It’s a strange feeling to be sitting on a couple of sonic eggs (ooer and that), not knowing if one will hatch into a soaring great winged success or they’ll both be snaffled up by the hungry moggy of indifference. Strange times indeed.

What else? Oh, had a wonderful party at a friends house. Saw most of my favourite people of New York there, heard some very scandalous things, laughed more than I have since I left UK and retired in the wee hours a very squiffy, but very happy mess. We had a bit of a fire in the house that killed a couch. I’ve eaten more food than I’ve ever consumed, well at least since I used to be a fridge fiending pot head. Oh, and Courtney’s dog has the shits, which reminds me that I’d better go and administer her medicine.

Rock n Roll, eh? Funny old game. Still, unlike pretty much every other game out there it NEVER gets boring. Plus everyone gets to win.

I like our little chats here, please let me know if you do too.




12 responses to “Still Standing”

  1. Jimmeth Bisquats says:

    I love the chatter. Keep it coming, the more the better. I SAID THE MORE THE BETTER.


  2. Jason Lusk says:

    Dig the blogs!

  3. Dan Leary says:

    ALWAYS fun to hear what is going on. Would like to see updates from all the gang.

  4. Gavin says:

    Yeah, the chats are always nice, not sure the intimate details of Courtney’s dog are required but it’s kind of nice to know you deal with the same shit we do (even if it’s for a slightly more famous owner).
    Good luck with the listening team and let’s hope that both songs get to spread their wings….

  5. As always, great reading.

    Would be nice to get some updates from the rest of the band as well, hear what’s going on with everyone while the album is in the works.

  6. Marky Mark says:

    Yes, keep em coming. It’s great to hear from you

  7. Kenneth says:

    Exactly. This has been a wonderful option and inclusion since the start of the pledge.

  8. Christoph says:

    Yes, please keep us informed! Chris has come up a superb chronist, and you do know we like to read your musings.

    Also, the rest of the GWB chiming in now and then in their very distinct styles made the blog hint beautifully at the variety, madness and warmth we all hope for in the album.

  9. Dan says:

    yeah keep ’em coming. i check the site everyday; not in a stalking way you understand, more of a I need a laugh after a crap day kinda way. Keep it going!

  10. BillyK says:

    This is a great blog and I especially love the techie insights from Chris, as well as the rock n roll high-life musings of yourself. Keep it coming and can’t wait to hear the album.

  11. KJM says:

    Loving hearing what you’re up to, keep it coming!

  12. RomeoRomance says:

    hearing from one of the best song writers of many a generation? How could that not be fun?
    Ok Ok I’ll remove my lips from your arse hole now.

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