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Chris | 16th September 2013

Well that was (almost) that. I’ve got a few guitar bits to do in the morning, and a couple of ‘gang’ vocals, but otherwise, I sit here in my bed ruminating on the past five weeks of living inside this record.

I will be glad to get home, it’s been five weeks away from my life in Leeds which I have grown to love. There’s something about touring that makes it easier – going to new places, seeing new faces (and rocking them all etcs), but this stretch away has been very different. Not to say it hasn’t been enjoyable – I’ve had a brilliant time and learned a ton in my time here, and will return home tomorrow slightly heavier but with open ears and eyes inspired by making all this brilliant music with this excellent bunch of folks.

What will I miss? Constant inspiration, the sound of guitars, getting to cock around with pedals all the time, working on vocals in the wee early hours stacking up harmonies and hearing these choruses really come to life, the trips to the local for a couple at last orders, learning from pretty much everything Kev Vanbergen was doing (from production techniques to mic choices to watching him ‘produce’ each individual in order to get the best from us), cooking for a legion of hungry musicians, chats with Rod the studio guy about his work with Ronnie Wood and the rest… not to mention each and every single one of the rest of the band. Everyone has their moments, not least me, but they’re a good bunch of characters and no mistake.

What won’t I miss? The fucking flies.

The flies in the country are cocky little bastards, way more confident than their city cousins. Half the time, they just walk around, like the cock of the North, like the Liam Gallagher of the insect world. They should just be called ‘walks’. The rest of the time, they are buzzing RIGHT IN YOUR FACE and threatening to go in your ears. As soon as you switch off the light, the buzzing starts and I don’t know about you but as soon as I know there is a fly in the bedroom, chances of sleep disappear through the window, unlike the frigging fly, who spends the next hour banging into the window NEXT to the window that you’ve actually opened. I don’t like killing them, but after a few days of this, it becomes a war of attrition and I am having none.

Anyway I could harp on about that for a bit, but I shan’t. The main thing is that, despite the flies, we’ve managed to sort you out an album that I think will sit in your CD player for some time.

The last day or two I’ve spent doing guitars and (shock horror) acoustic guitars. Sorry to any rock purists reading, but there are a bunch of acoustics on this. It sounds nice, adding a texture and sweetness to some of the buzzsaw Jesus And Mary Chain stuff. Also adds to the percussive element of what’s going on. Victoria has been singing on an evening (she prefers to sing on a night time, like most proper singers, once the vocal chords are warmed up), which is also sounding fantastic. Rich Jones is up next, finishing his guitars and vocals. I’m hoping to get home in time to go see the Kaiser Chiefs and Pulled Apart By Horses at the new Leeds Arena, as much to see the venue as to see the bands.

In the meantime, I’m having a quiet night as I want to get up early and get done, then have a long drive back to The People’s Republic Of West Yorkshire. Also, last night we were up til 4am filming the video for Sampo Pankki, but that’s another story.

Night all.

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  1. Gerald Stansbury says:

    Awesome to see a Jesus and Mary Chain reference. I can’t wait to crank this album that you all have put together

  2. Dan Leary says:


  3. Myth says:

    i enjoy the song, Camille! the vocals are a lltite muffled but it didn’t really bother me to much. the stutter effect was cool, but i think the effects on it didn’t let it come through as best as it could. nice work!

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