Faster & Louder

Rich | 14th September 2013

We’re nearing the end of the road here in Wales and I’m just doing my final few guitar tracks and vocals and adding some bells and whistles (probably not¬†actual¬†bells and whistles but you never know) to the 3 or 4 songs that I have left to do. Yesterday I was really hit by the scope of this record – the torch-song swing of And After All You Said About Cowboys all the way to the furious punk blast of Capital Anxiety, this album really doesn’t stop twisting and turning and it’s all the better for it. We’ve got a lot of personalities in this band and I really feel like you get a feel for all of them here.

Working with Kevin Vanbergen has been a great experience. I know from his work on Mutation that the guy is a genius and he’s really showing it here, dealing with an ungodly amount of tracks, styles, and ideas and somehow making it all coherent. We drank some beers and tracked a ton of guitar and vocal ideas yesterday and then received an invite up to the studio owners house for a great dinner and probably a little too much wine. Despite all my cracks about The Shining, I’m gonna miss this place.

Anyways, the coffee is on and I’ve got some guitars to record. The lovely folks at Hagstrom sent a Viking P to the studio for me and I’m finishing off the rest of my tracks with this powerful beast. So that’s it from me. End transmission…


2 responses to “Faster & Louder”

  1. Gavin says:

    Did you sleep well?

    Maybe RJP is waiting for tonight?

    Glad to hear it’s going well, you’ll get used to the countryside it’s very nice when you get used to having no 24 hour ‘lifestyle’ and that you neighbours are mostly animals :-)

  2. Kenneth says:

    Is the Random Jon Poole bonus EP or LP with the bumming song/songs done?

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