I am the only one awake and

Denzel | 29th August 2013

I am bored so I logged in to the blog. So far today I have had 2 cups of tea, a strum on this Hagstrom guitar here, whoever that belongs to, went to play on the piano but someone’s taken all the strings out so I just went on the drums for a bit. Whilst everyone else remains in the land of nod. Even producer Kev. He’s usually up at the crack of dawn, making my breakfast, washing my clothes etc. Tell you what though, there’s an email that got sent round the band with all the passwords for the blog. It took every shred of discipline I have not to log in as Ginger and pretend to be newly in love with Iron Maiden. I then thought about pretending to be Bryan, logging in and saying he hates all the people in the band and is going home. I thought better of either of these. I just logged in and wrote this shite. Never mind. Fuck man, there’s still nobody awake. I’m going to go and set my drums up in the corridor outside the bedrooms. Shit, imagine that. I reckon I would actually get a thwack around the head. And I wouldn’t blame whoever did it. A special kind of anger is reserved for those who are woken up by a ‘surprise drum attack’. It’s a certain sort of anger I never want to witness again. Right, fuck this, I’m off. I’m just talking shit now. I might go back to bed. Tra.

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