Classic Rock – 2013 Preview

By Andy | January 2, 2013

Ginger has been sharing his plans for 2013 with Classic Rock magazine. Read on for a glimpse of what may be in store.

Classic Rock 2013 Preview segment with Ginger

3 responses to “Classic Rock – 2013 Preview”

  1. David says:

    If asked would you support reformed quo in march? Only discovered wildhearts @distroyed album, seen u many times at waterfront norwich,u r fantastic song writer& musician,only trouble is you swear too much…..great that u r quo fan,bit like your own bands….never really got the respect or credits u deserve.

  2. CraigT says:

    Ginger swears too much? That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever fucking heard.

  3. Shogo says:

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