Ginger: 10 – OUT NOW

By Ean | October 10, 2010

Today sees Ginger release 10, a 16 track compilation album covering the best of the first ten years of his solo work.

Writing of the release in his blog, Ginger says: This album represents ten years of recording outside of The Wildhearts family, but for me it represents even more than that. This album tells the story of the first steps I took alone in creating an independent personality for myself as a writer and as a father.

The artwork and tracklisting, including two fantastic brand new tracks exclusive to this release – No Way Out But Through and This Too Will Pass – are as follows:

  1. Sonic Shake
  2. Yeah Yeah Yeah
  3. How Hard Can You Make It
  4. Mother City
  5. Any Way But Maybe
  6. Black Windows
  7. Church Of The Broken Hearted
  8. Drinking In The Daytime
  9. The Man Who Cheated Death
  10. This Is Only A Problem
  11. When She Comes
  12. I Knew You
  13. Girls Are Better Than Boys
  14. Jake
  15. No Way Out But Through
  16. This Too Will Pass
  17. 10 is available as a CD or Download from all the usual outlets, on Round Records, and can be ordered now direct from Cargo.

2 responses to “Ginger: 10 – OUT NOW”

  1. maureen martin says:

    although i have all the other songs included on this record, i will definately get it just to have the two new songs….everything you do is brilliant, ginger……love you!!! hoping you come to boston soon…………….

  2. sam says:

    bought this the other day, heard everything before ‘cept the two new ones. Still totally worth having though.. forgot how good all this was 😀

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