December Dates: A Message From Ginger

By Ean | September 10, 2010

This solo tour comes as a result of selling out the London birthday show so quickly.

Wildhearts fans around the Country always ask why only London gets a special Xmas/birthday show so I have decided to take the fun out on the road.

The Wildhearts are taking an extended break and it could be years before we perform again. Scott Sorry is back in US taking care of some important stuff and the rest of us have moved onto other things in the meantime.

The one thing that’s certain, however, is that the Wildhearts fans still want to hear the tunes. A Wildhearts show has always been about crowd participation and the whole social event. I miss playing the songs and I miss the audiences singing them back to me, so let’s get together this Xmas for a special show where we can all drink, yell, dance and go fucking nuts together.

I’m in, are you?

Oh, and don’t plan on going to work the next day. This is going to get VERY FUCKING MESSY INDEED.

I’m bringing Rich Jones (Black Halos/The Loyalties/Amen), Denzel (Ginger & the Sonic Circus) and Tom Spencer (The Yo Yo’s) with me so why don’t YOU bring some mates and let’s celebrate Xmas together singing those Wildhearts songs we’ve grown up with. Let’s sing them so fucking loudly that we cough up our own arses (And that’s loud, let me tell you).

See you there brothers and sisters.


Tickets go on sale September 17th and are priced at £12.50

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