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Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners out on tour!

Ginger will be embarking on a November solo tour with his new band The Sinners! They’ll be playing a selection of Ginger’s back catalogue of solo material, and will be supported by Lauren Tate (Hands Off Gretel) and Nick Parker.

You can catch up with them all in the following cities:

7th November – London, 229 Venue 1 (Tickets)
8th November – Cardiff, St John’s Church (Tickets)
9th November – Sheffield, Corporation (Tickets)
10th November – Leicester, Y Theatre (Tickets)
14th November – Glasgow, Cottiers Theatre (Tickets)
15th November – Aberdeen, Lemon Tree (Tickets)
16th November – Newcastle, Assembly Room (Tickets)
17th November – Manchester, Dancehouse (Tickets) Continue reading

Brand new solo album, Headzapoppin, out now!

Ginger has written a brand new solo album, available for download now, and pre-order for CDs and vinyl, at
Entitled Headzapoppin, Ginger has this to say about it:

Writing music is a form of therapy for me. It keeps my mind occupied and ensures that I live in the moment.

This album is a collection of songs written while walking Maggie (my dog) on early mornings with very few people around and tons of ideas not suited to either The Wildhearts or my more rootsy solo albums.

I figured if this album merely pays for itself, through a modest amount being actually available, then my work was worth it, and I subsequently will try to release one of these mixed packages every year. As of now, before anyone has heard this grab-bag of brain zaps, I have no idea if people are going to love this collection of musical mutts or hate it.

My work here is done for now. Next stop, your ears.

Wish me luck.


Headzapoppin solo album

You can order it right now from!
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Live Shows

Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners

7th November 2019 - London, 229 Venue 1

8th November 2019 - Cardiff, St John's Church

9th November 2019 - Sheffield, Corporation

10th November 2019 - Leicester, Y Theatre

14th November 2019 - Glasgow, Cottiers Theatre

15th November 2019 - Aberdeen, Lemon Tree

16th November 2019 - Newcastle, Assembly Room

17th November 2019 - Manchester, Dancehouse

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Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners Tour


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G·A·S·S· - Ginger Associated Secret Society

G·A·S·S· is Ginger’s new fanclub project, which for a year’s subscription provides a full update every month including 3 songs per month, demos from the Ginger archives, podcast, diary, videos, great artwork and all in all more content than you can safely shake a stick at!

G·A·S·S has now released 30 new Ginger songs and 20 demos with more still to come. G·A·S·S will remain open after the year is up, so singup at any time. Month 10 is now available, leading off with the Ginger's LA band Elizabeth playing "No One Smiled At Me Today" and also features one of the 'lost' Alice Cooper demos that Ginger recorded in 1999 -