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The Wildhearts Strike Back – 2014 Tour

The Wildhearts are on tour from Tuesday 8th April, bringing back into the fold bassist Scott Sorry, who will accompany Ginger, CJ and Ritch at shows around the UK. The band will be ably supported by The Von Hertzen Brothers and Ginger side-project Hey! Hello!

There will also be some fantastic new items of merch available on the tour, including “Rock City vs The Wildhearts” – a live CD of the Earth Vs show recorded at Nottingham Rock City last year. This live album is exclusive to the tour, and won’t be available to purchase from regular record shops or online retailers. We’ll also have some fantastic new clothing items available as well, so make sure to stop by the merch stall and take a look!

We’ll be capturing all the highlights here, including photos, setlists and videos (look away if you don’t want spoilers!). Continue reading for all the details as the tour progresses: Continue reading

The Wildhearts at the Download Festival

The Wildhearts have been added to the line up for the Download Festival at Castle Donington.

CJ says: “Well, they just can’t get rid of us. It’s only 20 years since we first played Donington – and in 2008 they turned the power off on us. Who knows what will happen this year? Bring it on!”

The band are due to play the Zippo Encore stage on Saturday 14th June. See for full details and ticket prices Continue reading

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Albion: Latest Pledge album

Albion artwork by Rich Jones

Ginger’s latest pledge album Albion, recorded by the Ginger Wildheart Band, will be commercially released on 31st March. The tracklist has been reduced and rearranged from the exclusive Pledge only version:

1. Drive
2. Cambria
3. Grow A Pair
4. Burn This City Down
5. The Order Of The Dog
6. Body Parts
7. The Beat Goes On (Caledonia)
8. After All You Said About Cowboys
9. Creepers
10. Albion

Body Parts - Video Competition

Ask Ginger

davidburr9: Hi Ginger... what comes first, the melody or the lyrics?

Ginger: First the theme, the subject matter, then a chorus line which turns into a melody. It doesn't always happen exactly like that, but most often that's how it goes.

horsesass: have you seen this from david byrne regarding spotify?

Ginger: Sadly, much as I love him, his view doesn't take in the bigger picture and only looks at things from a negative viewpoint. Surely is the solution he maintains doesn't exist?

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Ginger Tweets:

Toon the neet. C'maaaaan, let's avitt. 5 days ago

Very early one tonight at Nottingham Rock City, Hey! Hello! on at 6:50pm. Please don't miss it, we're pretty fucking awesome. 6 days ago

Beautiful Manchester. 8 days ago

Stuck in M6 traffic hell, missed soundcheck, no idea what's going in...perfect start to a Wildhearts tour! 10 days ago

AND I get to watch the mighty Von Hertzen Bros every night for free! I love my job. @VHBROZ 10 days ago

The Practical Musician Blog

Albion – Is Out

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Ears, Nose, Throat and Bollocks.

Just been to see the Ears, Nose and Throat specialist. Lovely fellow, very agreeable demeanour. Reminded me of a kinder looking Chris Eubanks until he started ramming a lubed-up tube in me nose and down into me gullet, at which … Continue reading

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Albion t-shirts available for preorder in the webstore


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