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Halloween Hootenanny Fancy Dress Competition

At the Halloween Show in Wolverhampton, you’re encouraged to come in fancy dress

We’ll be holding a competition for the best outfit seen at the show. The prize for the best costume on the night will be an Acoustic Ibanez guitar signed by and presented by Ginger. This is in addition to the G·A·S·S-specific costume competition.

As part of the mini-tour there are tickets available for Glasgow, with support from Eureka Machines and Baby Chaos (with Ginger guesting on guitar) and for York, with support from Eureka Machines and Scaramanga Six. Continue reading

G·A·S·S· at the halfway mark

Ginger’s online secret society project, G·A·S·S, has reached the halfway point of a year’s content, leading off with the anthemic “Don’t Stop Loving The Music”. G·A·S·S has now released 18 new Ginger songs and 12 demos with the same number to come in the 2nd half of the project.

This month’s other main songs are a cover of Tim McGraw’s ‘The Whiskey and You‘, and the rifftastic ‘Ostracide’. The demos are ‘Molly O Lindy’, one of the lost Alice Cooper demos, and a thunderous cover by Ginger’s Mutation project of Venom’s ‘Bloodlust’.

Along with this, every month features podcast, video, Ginger’s diary, amazing artwork and all manner of other content! Not bad when it works out at £2.50 per month.

Here’s a few of the things that people are saying about G·A·S·S· this month:

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Live Shows

The Ginger Wildheart Band

Thursday 30th October – York Fibbers
Friday 31st October – Wolverhampton Slade Rooms [sold out]
Saturday 1st November – Manchester Roadhouse
Sunday 2nd November – Glasgow Classic Grand

Body Parts - Video Competition

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It's good to be God. 8 hours ago

As video camera 2 bites the dust, along with hours of footage, a future in filmography looks fatal. I appear to have a celluloid curse. 9 hours ago

Wanna sneak preview of G*A*S*S (to convince you it's best value around)? Check out @ClassicRockMag online. Please RT 11 hours ago

Ignoring the dreadful budgeting skills of Pomplamoose, it's actually easier than ever to make it as an independent artist these days. #truth 19 hours ago

Does Facebook turn people into experts, or where they already amazing when they joined? 21 hours ago

G·A·S·S· - Ginger Associated Secret Society

G·A·S·S· is Ginger’s new fanclub project, which for a year’s subscription provides a full update every month including 3 songs per month, demos from the Ginger archives, podcast, diary, videos, great artwork and all in all more content than you can safely shake a stick at!

G·A·S·S has now released 18 new Ginger songs and 12 demos with the same number to come in the 2nd half of the project. Month 6 is now available, leading off with the anthemic "Don't Stop Loving The Music" and one of the 'lost' Alice Cooper demos that Ginger recorded in 1999 -


Ginger Albion - Signed Media Book CD and road trip DVD in the webstore


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