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Ginger’s Halloween Hootenanny

Ginger has announced a Halloween Hootenanny show at Wolverhampton Slade Rooms on the 31st October.

Tickets are on general sale from:

The show will feature the Ginger Wildheart Band, Eureka Machines, Oaf, Tropical Contact and other special guests, followed by an aftershow party with Ginger and others DJ-ing until 3am.

Ginger says: ‘I’m very excited to present my first Halloween special, an event that I hope will develop into a Midlands tradition if this one goes well.

I’m gathering together six of my absolute favourite bands to perform, including Eureka Machines, Scaramanga Six and The Ginger Wildheart Band, and there will be an aftershow party with the likes of myself, Chris Catalyst, Rich Jones and Random Jon Poole acting as resident DJs for the night.

Don’t make any plans for the next day, this Halloween we plan on bringing the biggest party of the year.’ Continue reading

G·A·S·S· month 3

Month 3 of Ginger’s online fanclub project G·A·S·S· is now available at

This month features the barnstorming lead track “Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now”, featuring Kelli Compulsive, backed by “Do You?” and “Petite Mort” which has the amazing vocals of Yolanda Quartey.

The demos section includes one of the songs Ginger wrote for Alice Cooper, “Friction in my System”, which after 15 years has finally seen the light of day. On top of this there is all the content that goes with the project including horror reviews, backstage video with the Courtney Love band, exclusive t-shirts, amazing artwork and much more.

Here’s a few of the things that people are saying about G·A·S·S·

Continue reading

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Body Parts - Video Competition

Ask Ginger

davidburr9: Hi Ginger... what comes first, the melody or the lyrics?

Ginger: First the theme, the subject matter, then a chorus line which turns into a melody. It doesn't always happen exactly like that, but most often that's how it goes.

horsesass: have you seen this from david byrne regarding spotify?

Ginger: Sadly, much as I love him, his view doesn't take in the bigger picture and only looks at things from a negative viewpoint. Surely is the solution he maintains doesn't exist?

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Ginger Tweets:

Getting a private play of the new @ace_frehley album. Kiss fans are gonna love this stuff. Paul and that other fella are gonna be shocked. 10 hours ago

Don't let anyone take your love. Share it, but don't be a fool and give it away. 24 hours ago

About to hit the stage, way too happy. 1 day

Yep Kevin, you've done it again. Why do bands even get anyone else to mix their songs? @kevvandy 1 day

I need a four camera crew to come film a promo video at one of these Australian shows. Can anyone out there make this happen? Please RT. 4 days ago

G·A·S·S· - Ginger Associated Secret Society

G·A·S·S· is Ginger’s new fanclub project, which for a year’s subscription provides a full update every month including 3 songs per month, demos from the Ginger archives, podcast, diary, videos, great artwork and all in all more content than you can safely shake a stick at!

Month 3 is now available this week, featuring the barnstorming new song "Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now", and a long awaited Alice Cooper demo from almost 15 years ago


Albion t-shirts available for preorder in the webstore


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